Friday, July 23, 2010

Part 2....

Home Sweet Home! Love that baby M came home from the hospital on the 4th of July. It was fabulous hearing and seeing fireworks bursting in the sky , as Jenna and hubby brought their new little girl home. What a great homecoming!Happy Grandpa and Grandma! We dearly love our first grandchild--love her bigger than the sky!
New uncle taking a turn holding his new little neice!
First time, GREAT Grandma! So glad she and my Dad were able to make the trip from CA to see their great-grand baby! So special.
GREAT grandpa finally gets a turn to hold baby M.
All this fuss and excitment because a little baby was born to a very sweet couple! We are so thankful new Mommy and Daddy and Baby are all doing very well.

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  1. I love how tiny M looks in her car seat. Is she really that small? The rest of the pictures are priceless...M belongs to an amazing extended family!


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