Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camp..Somehow I survived.

Our stake had girls camp two weeks ago and I finally feel like I'm back to normal life ha! It's been so nice not to have to worry about meetings and getting bandanas and paint and decorate our flag and get beads and registration forms blah blah.. it was quite the adventure. Our stake drives up to Kolob in Utah 4 hours from Vegas so it was a big trip. They had us stop in St. George to visit the temple...

It's a beautiful building I could have stayed there longer taking pictures on the grounds.

Our kitchen and dining room and campfire pit. The tents are farther back to the right and the leader tent behind me down the hill a little bit. There were a lot of flies and mosquitoes, somehow luckily I came out of it unscathed.

Our illustrious YW President.

Our girls had skit night so we had plenty of characters..

Some hobos..

Mean Girls..

Two "old" grandmas..

And a nerd or two.

They also had rappelling, canoeing, zip-lining, flying squirrel, archery and target shooting. Yep, we were busy.

Camp Flag

A little friend. There were also snakes. One of them I almost trampled getting back to our campsite!

Getting harnessed for the flying squirrel. I had never heard of this before.. One girl is on this end and.....

Everyone else on the other end of the rope. It's tossed over a tree branch in the middle and some fandangled pulleys and whatnot so that the girl goes shooting into the air as the group pulls on the rope...

It was crazy and so fun to watch.

Phew! But I'm glad it's all over with and to be back at home with this cute face..

M helping Dad fix the shower plug. Best friends :)

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig!

Our daughter is home from serving a mission for our church. She spent the last year and a half in the San Diego, California area...and speaks Spanish!

My son was so happy to see his sister again. See the two different colors of flooring. You can see an officer sitting in a little chair and desk thing-y to the far left of the picture. Above their is a sign that says Do Not Enter. We were perched on the very edge of that grey flooring trying not to run towards Kristen when we saw her round the bend...til we just could not take it anymore. So, we most likely ebbed in 5-10 feet in the "don't get in here" zone.

My husband took over the camera. So glad to get a picture of my other daughter, Alyson, Kristen and me. Happy times.

All of us were so excited to see Kristen again. And, we are feeling very lucky that more of our family will be traveling from out west to join us in celebrating Kristen coming home safe and sound, after serving a very wonderful mission.

And, so, there was cooking. Just have to learn these great recipes from Kristen's Spanish speaking mission area. Yummy.
Recipe..... corn taco's, stuffed with-------get ready, shredded chicken and mashed potato's, fried in canola oil. Get everything nice and hot in the inside and a bit crisp on the outside.

And, the toppings. I do love a good hot sauce and this combination of toppings were so divine...shredded lettuce, tomato's, diced onion, salsa verde, hot sauce, lime and sour cream. Oh--the drink. It is a fun one, for sure. It is called Horchata. It is a skim milk, cinnamon and rice flavored drink. It was tasty and more like a little cup of dessert. We found it in our International Section of our grocery store...along with Jumex, guava nector. Super good to drink.

So, all in all, we are relishing in having our girl home. How we missed her and how we are enjoying hearing about all her adventures. She is a gem. We are so excited for her to see our Olsen family and friends and our traveling family members. What a blessing and what great times for us all.

Life is good!!!xo

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Tastes

I've been in a weird mood lately. There are times in my life when it feels like a small earthquake is going on inside, when my personality cracks and the templates of who I am shift and former mountains become valleys and vis versa. I always enjoy when this happens because for a few days or weeks the monotony of life's every day repetitiveness gets a make over and fresh air blows through the regularity. At the same time, like when an earthquake disfigures familiar landmarks, I have to get to know these new land masses and make them a part of me and align and expand the beliefs and traditions and habits that have been governing my every thought and action since consciousness.

This long deep glimpse into my soul (haha) is simply an introduction to a new line I've recently discovered in London where they have the most fabulous and INTERESTING shoes....

Bacon and Eggs

Cortesan Floral Bar

Daddy's Girl

Duke the 2nd

Oriento Sun So

Can't Touch This

I probably never would have looked at them twice had this shift in nature not occurred bringing on these new tastes. These names alone are awesome. I can see myself ordering a pair and when it arrives in the mail exclaiming, "My bacon and eggs are here!"Or if I've lost them, "Has anyone seen Duke the 2nd?"

Along with new, weird tastes in fashion this out-of-no-where life altering has brought a gratifying awareness to a new singer, Adele. Have you heard of her!? Sooooo good! Here is one of my favorites, although beware, it's so beautiful it always makes me all teary:

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Vest...and more!

Many moons ago, I mentioned doing some sewing for my son. I made him a vest and tie for Prom. I believe it turned out AOK.

Hardest part was finding out my button hole feature did not work on my sewing machine...a machine I have had since I was 17 years old...eeeekkk! So, I made button holes by hand. Maybe you all know how to make button holes by hand? Not me. Had to look it up on the Internet and then do it! The last hole I sewed was by far the best. The for improvement.

Dropping a car off at the school before my son headed to his Prom meeting spot.

Hubby and son, shooting the breeze with snacks and drinks at the designated meeting house for all the Prom goers in this particular group. Lots and lots of pictures were being taking, of course.

Got to love that look on my son's face. He and the boys seem very comfortable hovering around the food table while the girls were having their pictures taken.

After many years of taking pictures of our 3 older girls going to dances and Prom, it was nice to switch things up and hook into the boys side of picture taking.

Got to love this pose.

And, the smiles.

Only boys would think to get into a tree for a picture!

One of our favorite friends, Samantha

Heading down to the lake and garden area for more fun pictures.

This truly was a happy group of kids----actually, these kids have been friends for many, many, many school years and just enjoy being together.

A great group.

Looking back up to the house from the lake. This was back at the beginning of May, so, the beautiful gardens are just getting the hang of having to grow again. The lady of this house, had placed little name makers next to each and every flower, bush, or growing thing. It was so lovely.

And, here is the shed with the garage behind it. So cute and so fun.

More man poses!

And, more laughing.

The blue bottle tree.

Last picture because it was time to head out for dinner and dancing.

Great memories...loads of fun...see more of these kids next school year.

Sure brought back fond memories of my own Prom days. How about you? Were you a Prom goer?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Times!!

It's summer. Time for sunglasses and lunch with my dad.

....and with my mom.

One last walk with dad before he goes back to work.

In my Mom's books....


I love books of any size or shape.

Happy girl, for sure!

Great kick off to summer spending time with Jenna and her family out west. They will travel out to Michigan this summer, as well. Can barely wait. xoxo

p.s. What summer plans are ahead for you all?

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