Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy busy bees

It has been so busy around here ..I'm the ward Camp Director as well as the beehive advisor so there have been a lot of meetings, flag makings, flyer and parent letters, fund raising meetings etc..the have really taken over our schedule. I've also just interviewed to be a private music teacher so cross your fingers that I hear good news back!

With all the busyness, we still manage to get to the park!! And look stylish about it too..

A recap, Madelyn helping me to put her dress together she wore for the wedding we recently attended..

And finally, La Piece de Resistance...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twas A Lovely Weekend!

The weekend started like this......brrrrrrrr!

My passenger window in the car! Cold, but somewhat beautiful! We headed to our high school where our boys percussion trio qualified (last February) for State Solo and Ensemble Competition. Here the boys are listening to the judge who said he was... "totally blown away and did not know what to say". Yep, a proud moment for us parents. The boys took "blue" and best trio in our region of State competition. They now have been asked to record their drumming piece to be sent for an overall State-wide competition. Very exciting!
Then, our friends came for a visit. Divine! I cannot say enough about this family. They are the dearest of friends. We met at our favorite Chinese Restaurant, as they pulled into town from Indiana.

Look at this little beauty! She is a marvel and makes being 6 magical. Never a dull moment. Loving her snuggie! I think that is what it is called.

And, man oh man! The piano got a good workout. Reminded me of when Jenna would play and play and play, when she lived at home. He is quite good and just made me smile hearing him play.
My hubby was heading to the garage to cut basement ceiling tiles. But, stopped to play a few games before heading to the workshop.
A few hours later....ha! Still playing and having a blast! Work can wait! Time to play and enjoy being together.
Loved cooking bigger meals for us all. I loved the Fajitas on Saturday. My friend, Suzy, tipped me off to a fast and easy way to make Fajitas. Bought baked chickens from the store, shredded the meat into my big pan, and added a McCormick Chicken Fajita Seasoning packet. Easy-pie!
It was good to sit down and eat together. Even made some jello which I have most likely not made in a few years. Made for fun. No picture, but, it was delightful to sit and have a nice crowd for an after church Sunday meal. We ate lasagna. Hit the spot. So fun to eat and visit.
Love this family. Aren't they fantastic? Hated to see them go, but, they will be back in May. What a treat. Made saying good-bye not so sad this time round. And, if you ever need a true-blue friend, Kareena is it! Not only did she visit, stay with us and bright up our weekend, she took time to go to her old neighborhood and visit, care for, help and listen to her neighbor who was in a terrible accident this past Thanksgiving and is still in recovery mode. Talk about bringing joy and happiness and a little boost to a friend in need. She did not go just once, or twice, but three times to support and cheer this friend. Now, that is amazing and just how Kareena is!
So, see ya in May. And, thanks for such a great visit. It was a lovely weekend!

What did all of you like best about your weekend? Do tell!

p.s. Genevieve...missed you this weekend. Let's look forward to a time we can all get together. Would love it!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Wedding Weekend..

...where I dyed my hair darker the morning of since I procrastinated getting highlights (curse you grays!), went dress shopping the morning of, found nothing so had to wear my backup outfit I packed just in case, whipped up a dress for M out of an old teeshirt, a onesie and fabric on hand, I thought family drama would sink the weekend but it didn't, the weather was hot! Where the weekend was beautiful and happy.

The happy family at Mesa Temple

A cute baby we found wandering around the grounds
"Please sir, canna have sommore?"

Where I get out from behind the camera for once

The young babe has found some fruit. Don't eat it!

The happy couple.

The happy cousins

The fruit is gone, what's left are the twigs. NOT as interesting..

Aaron and his best girls

I feel like this should be a painting or an abstract photo


Scrumptious luncheon.

Now, wasn't this a nice post? POST MORE OFTEN!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Shout it out....SPRING!

For some of us, spring is just beginning... let's take a little walk. Shall we?

Sure Sign of Spring....Photo by Arlene Gee

Look what was happening in Greenwich, London a few days ago....lovely!

Photo by Andy Linden..taken near one of the venues for the 2012 Olympics.

I loved going to Daffodil Hill when I lived in California. It was such a spring time treat!

The fields of Daffodils go on forever and seems.

West Cornwall, UK...Photo by Michael

Looks like a great spot for a picnic to me......

Southwest England....Photo by

...or for a bike ride.

From shebicycles, in Cleveland, Tn.

Rolling Hills of Daffodil's.

Photo by Cornish Cowboy

I love yellow and I love the daffodils of spring. Really makes me smile with fun thoughts of creating my own daffodil hill, right here at home. Hope you enjoyed this little walk through the hills and fields of daffodils. To see more beautiful pictures and more about the folks who took these gorgeous pictures, please go to...

Happy Spring to you all. xo

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looks like boys...but GIRLS RULE!

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Remember this little baby gift for new baby, Gwen?

Forgot to show and tell the little gift I put together for Gwen's big sister, Elle...who is still adjusting to the new arrival. Easter bucket for $1.00, baby "soft-body" doll for $4.00, and a little doll blanket made from the left over blanket fabric I made for Gwen.
So easy to do and really tickled a little girls fancy!
I hung out with these cute little boys, while their mom and dad went to the hospital to have baby, Clara. Here they are showing me their baby sisters crib...boy walls, but, darling pink bedding and pick checkered ruffle. This sweet little family will be moving soon, so, no need to redo the baby room.

The boys gave me a tour of their room.... bunk beds. Have to love being the oldest and sleeping on the top bunk.

We kept busy while we waited for Clara to be born. Aaron, the 3 year old, took a couple of pictures with my camera...ha! Big basement for playing....a little soccer going on here.

Another Aaron picture...boys rolling like logs across the basement floor. Had to keep them busy. Little boys are so different than little girls.

Aaron, listening to stories, rubbing his sleepy eyes...and oh...their are my husbands legs---or work pants-ha! He stopped by to say hi to the boys and help get them ready for bed.

Big brother, Caleb, reading bed time scripture stories.

Andrew brushing his teeth. These boys know how to brush their teeth and floss. Way to go!

Waiting and waiting for Clara to be born.

It only took Mary 5 hours from start to finish to have baby Clara. WOW! She is here safe and sound. Looking forward to meeting Clara and spending some time visiting Mary.

Love little baby girls!

P.S. While boys were sleeping and Matt was still at the hospital with Mary, I watched a PBS show about life in outer-Mongolia. I decided I will not be going their any time soon. Ha! It was so interesting. The wind, the sand, the heat, the huts, the horses being milked...that's right! Horses were being milked for humans to drink and use for food. Then again, you've got to love all the cultural differences--- and who knows...maybe horse milk is liquid gold. It definitely sustains their lives and tastes like....hmmmmm.....don't know and won't know! xo

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