Thursday, October 20, 2011

Across The Miles.......

We had such fun on our families Women's Day this past July that we women decided to do a little something once a month, together. We are spread across the United States, but, with skype and cell phones, it has been possible to successfully join up and have fun together across the miles.

In August, we took our Women's Day photo from July and did a little something special with it.

We worked on our projects as we talked and chatted....across the miles.

Each of us had picked a favorite piece of fabric from The Ice House Quilt shop while we were up north on vacation.

Then the creating and cutting began.

Working and working, and talking and visiting...enjoying each others company near and far.

Got to love a glue gun.

And, what fun ...two--


Done and fun! Great memories for each of us to have and enjoy for the months and year ahead...until we can all meet up in person again.

Its possible to close down those road miles between us all, and come together.


And, hopefully, we can catch a picture of Jenna's framed picture. She used gorgeous fabric and pages from a book to frame her picture. J...tell your computer to hurry and get fixed. Been a super long repair job.

Oh---September our Women's Day group read a most inspiring article on womanhood, by Julie B. Beck entitled...."And Upon the Handmaids in Those Days Will I Pour Out My Spirit"... that Jenna suggested. Great discussion and contribution of thoughts from everyone. Was another great evening.

This month for our Women's Day group... fall apples. We will be putting on our aprons and making something yummy with apples.....and i do believe we will be able to smell the deliciousness across the miles, as we gather in 4 different bake, to visit, to laugh, to enjoy each others company, as we carry on our this new and wonderful tradition. xo


  1. That sounds like such a great tradition. Very fun to do. Such cute picture frames as well. Hope Jenna's computer gets fixed soon so we can see her's!

  2. A wonderful tradition...and I love every one of those, very cute! ;D


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