Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yummy FALL!

Mmmm....do you love these fall pillowcases as much as I do?

How about this spooky-licious fabric? Can't see it very well, but their are silver sparkles all over this fabric.......which means my children literally woke-up with silver sparkles on their faces. Ha! Yes, I did pre-wash the fabric.

Back of pillowcases!! Got to love orange with dots!

My neighbors soy field.

Colorful changes---on my way home from town!

A farmer taking down his soy field.

Back road drives are so gorgeous these days!

Such a classic picture...of how to take a picture....ha!

Friends and family at our churches weekend General Conference meeting! We had such a good time together.

Our sweet friends, the Schulte's, and us!

Yes, their was loads of laughter and fun...especially when these two boys get together.

More of the same....ha!

My daughter, hubby and myself----under a shade tree...lots of spotty light filtering through the tree leaves.

Look at these faces...two with regular poses and two with silly poses. Love these kids to pieces!

Then, the weekend was over. Memories made. Time to drive one of my daughter's back up to school. We found this little treasure along the way.

Oh, the beauty of a strong tree...standing in the middle of a soy field.

Hope you all are enjoying the spectacular beauty of this fall season and all the activities that accompany this time of year. We have already been making pumpkin pies....just for ourselves to enjoy. I mean pumpkin is a squash. It is good for you, right? Just keep the sugar low or completely out of your recipe. The ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon make up for the deleted sugar. Last night we had pork chops, green salad with loads of veggies, home applesauce, with a slice of pie...not on the side, right on our dinner plates. Worked out well. Today...making pumpkin muffins. Can you smell them baking? Divine. xo

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  1. This post totally gets me in the mood for fall. I love the fabrics, the landscapes, and the people.


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