Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello and Welcome SNOW!

Beautiful morning here in Michigan!

Reindeer (OK....deer) finding a few old apples on the ground underneath the snow.

Great day ahead! There will be cocoa, stoking the wood burning stove, housework, quilting, reading, baking, more scheming and dreaming about Christmas surprises and fun (sigh)......just one of those magnificent days, where things seem a little bit quieter and where the sun reflects off of the snow and makes everything extremely bright and magical.

Have a great last day of November everyone! xo


  1. Such gorgeous pictures, any one of them could be a Christmas card! I love the snow that comes in December..makes me want to do all those same things too! :D

  2. What pretty pictures! Can't wait to be home again, and enjoying the Christmas planning, food, crafts, and hot chocolate :)

  3. Your place is always magical in the winter time, and spring, summer and fall! What a magical place we live in :]

  4. So beautiful! I love how quiet everything is with a new snowfall. It doesn't seem like Christmas time here without the snow...but still, I enjoy warmer temperatures. I'll enjoy looking at the pictures of snow from afar. :)


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