Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vampire and Music

Hello Mr. Vampire. Just a little bit more of Fall/Halloween delight!
Fall Echo's--- Marching Band final concert. This is such a fun way to end the marching band season. Love hearing the band perform their regular football field half-time show. My son is the middle snare drum player. He is percussion leader this year.
Rats...a little blurry, but you get the idea. The sound is so massive and cool in the gym.

And, a little surprise!!! Fall Echo's includes the senior band members choosing their favorite song from over the past 4 years. They chose, In The Stone...Journey. We were more than a little bit surprised when our son left the percussion section, ran up to the conductors stand, and led the band in this piece of music. Really super fun.

Wish I could have gotten all the band in this picture.

And, a final farewell to the seniors....(our son is 4th from the right) their names were called out along with their parents, who proudly stood to honor their child, and vice-a-versa. Sigh! WE swallowed hard and worked hard to keep our eyes dry. Proud of our son and these kids, but, sentimental about the conclusion of this era of time.


  1. Spencer can't possibly be a senior! Wow, time flies! Glad to see he's enjoying the band and his senior year. And, he made a great zombie!

  2. Your pumpkin is awesome! Very artistic. I love that Spencer led the whole band...wish I could have seen that. Also, his zombie costume is wonderful. Is that his real hair? It looks so black.

  3. Great painting on the pumpkin...and it is so good for kids to be involved in something like this band. :D


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