Friday, November 5, 2010

Wanted: Frugal Shopper makes out like a Bandit.

Lately I have been exploring the unique world of couponing. According to a study, most couponers are middle-aged, middle class citizens, which dispelled a lot of couponing myths for me. There are so many online sites, blogs and coupon databases that have transformed the old methods into a literal business of housekeeping. I've had to brush up on my math skills major! So before I launch into my crash course of COUPONING 101 and go on and on about why it might just be a hobby you should get into, here are a few eye candies to spark your interest.

the night before a shop, gathering coupons..

the spread:

5 boxes Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal @ 10pkt/box=50 pkts Instant Oatmeal
14 lbs pasta
7 boxes Quaker Chewy Granola Bars @ 10 bars/box=70 Granola Bars
3 cans Cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup (free)
30 cans of Campbells Chunky soups
12 boxes Nestle Hot Chocolate @ 10 pkts/box= 120 pkts of hot cocoa
(which I will go through this winter)
2 Colgate toothbrushes (free)
4 cans Carnation Evaporated Milk
3 cans Peaches

total= $150

I paid= $41!!

Seriously, it felt like highway robbery to get so many things so cheaply. I keep waiting to hear my name on the news. The best part is that I finally feel like we have some food storage. So many times it's 6 o'clock (we eat late) and I'm wondering what on earth to make for dinner, what do we have on hand, do I have to run to the store to get something, do I have time to etc.. and now I can shop in my own pantry a.k.a. pile stacked in my closet floor from food I got at rock bottom prices and then re-stock when the prices are that low again. I like this because:
1) food security
2) I feel like I'm adding to our family finances even though I'm not out in the work force
3) no more empty cupboards on a Sunday afternoon before a shop
4) I can make meals for others more
5)being frugal always earns an A+

So that's my shopping adventure. It's been a lot of hours studying, researching, crunching the numbers, many trial and error shopping trips to get here but I think I'm starting to get it!

Anyone else have a great shopping trip story? Score any good deals?


  1. Jenna - please share your coupon wisdom... I seem to be a complete failure when it comes to couponing and I really want to do it because I keep spending sooooo much money on groceries here!

  2. Amazing! Do share your coupon secrets with the rest of us!!!!

  3. ahh my favorite deal as of late was a $30 sweater i got on sale for $3 dollars!! it's so comfy, AND cute

  4. I am so proud of you! I started getting really into coupons this summer when I read about a guy who ate for a whole month for $31.00. He even donated about 30 boxes of brand name cereal among other things to a food bank! I had forgotten how much fun it can be until I read your post. Thank you so much!


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