Monday, November 29, 2010

Spoons and Cold Weather Recipes

This week we have been working on eating with a spoon...

As the cooler weather is blowing its way through, I'm digging out our winter recipes..

delicious Chilli...

Warm Crescent rolls...

Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup..


Bruschetta Chicken Pizza..

Skinny Bovine's Kitchen

Mmmm mmm! I've also had my eye on this argyle fleece blanket..

Isn't that gorgeous?! I love that golden rod color with the cream and brown. Maroon and cream would be equally nice. The directions seem simple enough, it's the time for that stitching that might be difficult. If I start now, I might be able to be finished by the new year.....

On another note..I STILL haven't seen Harry Potter 7! Where have I been? Can I still call myself a true fan!? It just came up so quickly :shakes fist at sky:: Next year for the 2nd part finale I'm going to go all out with HP foods and throw a big party. Costumes and wands optional.

I also had another great idea for the next year that I will share the closer we get to January. An addendum to my "Focuses" each month. Speaking of that, I've already found Decembers one. OPTIMISM. So many times I find myself dwelling on what could have been, what could be but isn't and if only. The times I catch myself doing this, I've made a conscious effort to correct myself and to think instead of what I'm grateful for, what I can look forward to, what I did right etc.. and surprise! Life shifts from gloomy or wanting to being fuller and brighter automatically. I would like to be a person who brings light into a room and to a gathering of friends. And since we celebrate Christ's birth this December I think it is fitting to have optimism, strengthening my light of Christ, for this month's goal.

"Any believing latter day saint is an optimist about what lies ahead..however difficult the present may be."-President Eyring.

Hope your week is starting off great!


  1. you're so many times i find myself looking back, wondering how/if i could have done things differently when in reality, there's nothing i can do to go back and change it. looking forward and making each day a happy one is something that we can do. also, be excited, i figured out your christmas present today!

  2. A great quote! The baby looks so cute with the spoons...and I love all this kind of food as the weather gets so cold! :D

  3. Wonderful post, J. Love that little girl of yours. Nothing like a good chewing spoon to go with a little rice cereal-ha! She is precious. And, your cold weather recipes do warm the ole heart and soul. I need to get your chilli recipe from you, please. Looks so delicious.
    Your word for December is my word, as well. There is so much to be grateful for and to be happy about each and every day. Greeting each day with optimism....the hope and possibilities of what is ahead...looking on the bright side of life...magical! xoxo

  4. I love the pictures of M. She is getting to that roly/poly stage that is so cute.

    I love your insight on optimism. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could keep the optimistic feeling with us always. I continually strive to be optimistic, and like you, I use the apostles as examples...Elder Wirthlin is one of my favorites.


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