Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things we have been up to...

trying out our Jenny Jump Up. It's never to early to get those legs moving!..

Or using it for a chew toy!

Taking baths..look how the soap creates a cool pattern

Enjoying some rain and a rainbow...

Trying some new foods like stir-fry chicken..

Sitting in our bumpo playing with paper while Mom coupons

eating some of dad's homeade potato chips

playing, drooling and learning to crawl..

eating delicious coconut banana bread with a lime glaze

some howling..

staying in our pj's all day..

taking walks at the park..

taking to some people fishing in the man-made the middle of the park! much busyness, so much happiness, some crankiness and and lot of cuteness!


  1. Sounds like a sweet life to me! This baby has the cutest head of hair and dimples..what a darling! Come say hi :D

  2. Wow! What wonderful times and beautiful pictures. Yummy foods, fun activities....loving those Jenny Jump-up legs. And, it sure sounds nice to stay in pj's all day long! Like Julie said....a sweet life! xoxo

  3. i seriously can't express how much i love these pictures! it's good to hear (or should i say, see) what you guys have been up to, AND to see pictures of that little cutie! my gosh, she looks so much taller and stronger!

  4. "A" can make potato chips!?! What an amazing man! I love all these great pictures. M is blessed beyond belief to have you and A as parents.


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