Monday, September 12, 2011

White Stuff and Faces I Love!!

Woke -up very early one morning and found this in our drive-way. You may be asking yourself what this could need to wait any longer it is......

THIS! Yep...we were tp'd something fierce. I am pretty sure it was girls because all the way up our stairway and flower planters, toilet paper was delicately draped and tied in bows around the largest part of some of my plants. The stair railing had tp meticulously woven into it's rails and their was a bow of tp in our cats outdoor little house on the porch. Bows of tp were tied on the outdoor lights and as previously seen, squares of tp went from our garage area out to the dirt road in front of our house...ha! Had a very good laugh.
We met up with our very, very, very best of the best friends before children headed back to college and high school.
These two boys...funniest boys in the land. Such good humor and personalities.

My how they have grown! And, they eat a lot, too! Ha!

Got to love these girls......and,

...these girls, too!

We are happy and proud mama's! So thankful for good children who work so hard at what they do! We love these kids to pieces!

How is the school and work year treating all of you this fall? Between my friend and I we have 2 children in high school, 4 children going to 3 different colleges, and one married----yep, that would be, Jenna. Time marches on, because I am sure it was just yesterday that we were holding babies, nursing wounds, singing lullabies, reading stories, going to the playground to swing, fixing pretty bows in hair, etc. Sigh....those were lovely days, too. xo


  1. I love these pictures, and that you were tp'd with bows! How cute. I can't wait until our next Gines/Olsen reunion!! What joyous occasions they are!

  2. Good luck getting all the TP off those tall trees. Fun! Corinne is right about the joy. We love you so much!


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