Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tennis and a little Italian Dinner...Yum!

Time to celebrate! High School tennis is in full-swing. No, school has not started for us, but activities have begun. 9 matches and 3 tournaments later, a nice medal is gracing our dinner table. I do like the design on this medal....oh, I think the ole medal looks distinguish and delightful, displayed sitting on the bottom of a fun glass, don't you?

My son playing through a lot of opponents and summer heat.

So, at the end of the day, it was time to celebrate a sweet victory and enjoy a family dinner. Truth be told, I bought an Italian cookbook and it arrived today. I read the recipes and family stories from cover to cover. This of course, inspired me to put on my apron and add something of the "Italian" nature to our dinner celebration menu.
Yum...I do love pork chops. So, I browned up the pork..... into my pantry and pulled out a bottle of Italian, Sausage and Garlic Spaghetti Sauce. Hmmmm...seems like these two would combine and fit together well. So, when the pork chops were nearly done, in went the sauce. Boy oh boy, did it ever smell good.

And, one of my very most favorite pasta's....Angel Hair. It cooks in 3-5 minutes and is light as a feather. I do make noodles for chicken noodle soup, but, would love to learn how to make other types of noodles.

Lovely. Just pour the sauce and meat over the pasta.

Nice little dinner for the family.....crystal glasses filled with berry juice and our summer colorful plastic plates---ha! Love it.

And can't forget the dessert, no way! These are such pretty pears and oh so good.
They are ready to be sliced.

Well, this dinner was so fast and so easy....and tasted great. Give it a try, when you get the chance.

So, whats cooking at your house? xo

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  1. My kind of food..real food! Good luck to all with the new year! :D


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