Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Kind of Orange........

No...not this!
Ummmm.....I don't think so! Yep! Here we go. I love going to our grocery store with the entry way all decked out!
So bright and pretty on a very sunny day!

And then theirs the pumpkin patch on the way to the dentist office.

Do you see it? Beware! Camouflage outhouse ahead...ha! So funny!

A field of ORANGE You can tell how cold it has been at night. The frost and chill has gobbled up the vines and leaves.

But still....loving the ORANGE!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I loved all these pictures, especially the pumpkins in the patch! ;D

  2. I love Michigan in the fall. I wish fall lasted as long as winter.

  3. i second denise's comment! already the fall colors are starting to fade, and the air is getting chillier

  4. Haha that out house just cracks me up! Love that orange color.


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