Thursday, May 5, 2011

And The Rain Came Down....And There Was Music!

Whew! Seeing a little more water than usual in our neck of the woods. But, there is much worse flooding in other States in our country.

As the sun shone this afternoon, this little beauty stopped by to take a little walk in the left over rain water in our meadow.

Slowly, slowly.... and I do mean slowly, we are "greening-up" and enjoying a very cool spring.

Some beautiful artwork ahead, in one of the fun parks on the edge of town. The community garden is just about to open for the season. Although, it did frost last night.

So pretty and fun to explore this art. Eager to get out and see other art exhibits in our community this spring and summer.

Busy day as we made our way to our Middle School for our school districts
music fundraiser....Mardi Gras.

Silent auction. All sorts of goodies and services. Two of the all time favorites to bid on are, conducting the high school band during a concert (one song only) and sitting with the band on the stage during one of their concerts. Very fun.

Families and friends gather for the evenings musical events. Popcorn, pop and pizza are on hand for those who care to eat and listen to all types of music.

Busy hands...loads of beads being sorted.

Down the hallways of our middle school, you can find different small groups doing their thing! Oh, and anyone and everyone can make a Mardi Gras mask for themselves. Recognize this little group? They added in a few other pots and pans to the original bucket favorite---a pizza pan.

And, this was the outfit style the boys decided to wear...shorts and a dark shirt. So simple compared to girls, eh? Oh, and let's clarify--- boys do not call their clothing "outfits" either.

Switching chairs around and a little more of the original "Clean-Beats" sound. The crowd sure liked these boys and their music. They performed twice...once here and once on the BIG stage, as the closing act.

It was a good day from start to finish.

What will you be up to today? Besides my regular "to-do's", I will be making button holes for my son's suit vest for Prom. Crossing fingers for nice, even button holes. The tie turned out super great and ever so easy to make. And, then helping hubby, this evening, to finish putting up the new chicken wire around our coop. The baby chicks have outgrown their "warming" box, and need to move on to the great out-of-doors. Pictures to come. xo

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