Friday, May 6, 2011

A Weekend in Las Vegas Part II

We pick up in Paris! Paris casino that is. Enjoying the lovely eclairs and other delights of la belle ville.

A fruit tart from Bellagio. They even have their own chocolate disk with their signature 'B' on it!

They have a galleria/walk-through foyer on the first floor of the hotel that draws a lot of attention as they change the decor depending on the season:

I Looooooooooove these flowers! There are so many! Reminds me of the fields of rows and rows of beautiful bright colored flowers we'd see in France.

These birds were made of flowers and sunflower seeds and egg shells and feathers

A little green house in the center with beautiful, real butterflies inside

I love art. Love, love it. I love flowers. Both together!? I want this in my house!

I love the idea of sitting on this Ferris wheel and letting my bare feet skim the field of flowers with each rotation..

Here is Madelyn trying to wake up Alyson for the day. Is she really in there?!

Someone got into a pen and not finding any paper....ha!

Easter baskets from the bunny! Her first Easter. Thanks for the Easter dress grandma!

She's such a good girl...10 months now!

Eating some bananas....

Cheers! TGIF!


  1. Such gorgeous flowers! Thank you for sharing with those of us who can't see it in person. Madelyn's a beauty too!

  2. loved this post! So much to look at. Did you notice the bride in the background of the one photo... weddings get me every time!

  3. I agree. The flowers are beautiful, and M steals the show. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You sure saw lots of beautiful things in Vegas, and this baby is darling!!! :D

  5. loved seeing how all the pictures turned out :) and hahaha i had no idea you took that picture while i was sleeping! i just remember waking up to little hands playing across my face. she looks so cute, especially the ones she's laughing in!


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