Thursday, May 19, 2011

Food and Blooms

Prepare yourself! This is a healthy recipe. Shall we just say this mac and cheese takes on a modern tone and taste. All you need for this dish is seen below. Super easy...good hot or cold.

Cook your pasta and either microwave or stove prepare your light-cheese sauced broccoli. I have never used a vegetable that had a prepared sauce along with it. So, I was really curious about how this would all taste. Add together with 3 wedges of the Light, Laughing Cow cheese.
Warm until cheese is that gooey, yummy texture.

Add a little salt and pepper and their you have it. I really liked this dish. It was so quick, so easy, and low in calories. Really a great twist on an old standby. And, thinking of adding chicken to this dish, next time round.

And, please try this recipe. You won't be sorry. Thanks to my blogging friend, Julie (, who has some of the best recipes ever! This is one of the really, really, really great one's. My family loved these. And, yes! Carrots. Carrot fries. Lot's and lots of carrots. I used about 6-7 large carrots and chopped them into french fry type pieces. Put them in a bowl and add in 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp cornstarch and a Ranch Dressing packet. Shake and mix until all carrots are coated. Bake at 400 degree's on a sprayed or parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Bake for 25-30 minutes. YUM!

And, we ate the carrot fries cold, along side our spring salad and slice of focaccia the next day. Carrots...still tasted great.

Now that we have had our fill of food, let's take a little walk in the yard and enjoy all the beauty of spring.

Glad to get my wind chimes hung for the season. Oh, and loved getting the humingbird feeders ready and cannot count how many times I am refilling bird feeders. All great fun and such beautiful birds fill our yard. Wish you could smell the fragrance of all these blossoms.

We gutted out our flower boxes in our backyard and have begun to refill them with wonderful perennial greenery and blooms. Wow do they ever smell so good.

I do love hostas and the baby blue forget-me nots! I love blue flowers.

So petite and so sweet.

The tree's off the front porch are all "popcorned" out! You can hear the bee's a buzzing, doing their work. And, you can spot a golden oriole or two, ever so often.

Love sitting on my front porch.

Preparing a new rose bed for new roses....we have a few Blue Girl Tea Roses, a few Sunny Delight (yellow) Tea Roses and a few Arizona Roses....which are yellow, orange, cream and pink.

And, we are revamping an area for raspberries and grapes. Much to do.


Meadow view on a rainy day. Trying to be thankful for the bounteous rain we have had this spring. It has been more rain than I have ever seen in a single spring season. Loving all the greenery.

How are things cooking and whats blooming/growing in your yard? We are still waiting for our garden spot to dry out enough to rototill and plant. My seedlings are bursting at the seams to get out in the garden. Yipes. xo


  1. Your yard looks so wonderful! You really have a talent for gardening. Our spring has come and gone. Our garden is in and growing, our calla lilies are in full bloom as is our magnolia. We've already had to mow the lawn a few times. And, the neighborhood pool has already been busy! This week has been coat weather again, though. Enjoy your beautiful beautiful spring!

  2. Thanks for trying my carrot fries..they are that good..I could eat the whole tray! I love your recipe, might try that for tonight. And I love your trees so full of blossoms and the flowers...ahhh. so pretty, it must all smell wonderful. We are still getting week too..this is crazy! ;D

  3. such pretty spring flowers! so glad that you caught them on film. definitely good to look at on one of these (many) rainy days we're having, haha.

  4. ps jenna, do you remember making similar versions of these when we were younger??

  5. I just found you today from Julie's blog,, I'm so glad I did,, this recipe sounds so good,, and the lower calorie count is a bonus.The tour of your yard is just beautiful so lovely the flowers,,


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