Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camp..Somehow I survived.

Our stake had girls camp two weeks ago and I finally feel like I'm back to normal life ha! It's been so nice not to have to worry about meetings and getting bandanas and paint and decorate our flag and get beads and registration forms blah blah.. it was quite the adventure. Our stake drives up to Kolob in Utah 4 hours from Vegas so it was a big trip. They had us stop in St. George to visit the temple...

It's a beautiful building I could have stayed there longer taking pictures on the grounds.

Our kitchen and dining room and campfire pit. The tents are farther back to the right and the leader tent behind me down the hill a little bit. There were a lot of flies and mosquitoes, somehow luckily I came out of it unscathed.

Our illustrious YW President.

Our girls had skit night so we had plenty of characters..

Some hobos..

Mean Girls..

Two "old" grandmas..

And a nerd or two.

They also had rappelling, canoeing, zip-lining, flying squirrel, archery and target shooting. Yep, we were busy.

Camp Flag

A little friend. There were also snakes. One of them I almost trampled getting back to our campsite!

Getting harnessed for the flying squirrel. I had never heard of this before.. One girl is on this end and.....

Everyone else on the other end of the rope. It's tossed over a tree branch in the middle and some fandangled pulleys and whatnot so that the girl goes shooting into the air as the group pulls on the rope...

It was crazy and so fun to watch.

Phew! But I'm glad it's all over with and to be back at home with this cute face..

M helping Dad fix the shower plug. Best friends :)

Happy Weekend!


  1. Girls camp is... SUCH A BIG DEAL..and I have survived it many times myself. And I know the feeling of getting home so exhausted..bless you! :D

  2. The temple is so beautiful! I had never heard of flying squirrel either!! Sounds fun though! Gosh, I can never get over how cute that little button of yours is! loves!

  3. Women who give up a week for YW camp are true diciples of every sense. Thanks for your dedicated service.

    I love the pic of your very relaxed YW Pres. in her curlers. Cute!

  4. Girls camp is the best!! Some of my best times in life were at Girls Camp as a girl AND a leader!!! I love Skit Night.

    I am new to blogging and found you from Julie's blog.

    Hope you'll come say "Hi"!

  5. I loved Girls Camp. I didn't get to go this year because . . . . I didn't get asked. What can I say. You guys have more fun things to do it looks like. :)


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