Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig!

Our daughter is home from serving a mission for our church. She spent the last year and a half in the San Diego, California area...and speaks Spanish!

My son was so happy to see his sister again. See the two different colors of flooring. You can see an officer sitting in a little chair and desk thing-y to the far left of the picture. Above their is a sign that says Do Not Enter. We were perched on the very edge of that grey flooring trying not to run towards Kristen when we saw her round the bend...til we just could not take it anymore. So, we most likely ebbed in 5-10 feet in the "don't get in here" zone.

My husband took over the camera. So glad to get a picture of my other daughter, Alyson, Kristen and me. Happy times.

All of us were so excited to see Kristen again. And, we are feeling very lucky that more of our family will be traveling from out west to join us in celebrating Kristen coming home safe and sound, after serving a very wonderful mission.

And, so, there was cooking. Just have to learn these great recipes from Kristen's Spanish speaking mission area. Yummy.
Recipe..... corn taco's, stuffed with-------get ready, shredded chicken and mashed potato's, fried in canola oil. Get everything nice and hot in the inside and a bit crisp on the outside.

And, the toppings. I do love a good hot sauce and this combination of toppings were so divine...shredded lettuce, tomato's, diced onion, salsa verde, hot sauce, lime and sour cream. Oh--the drink. It is a fun one, for sure. It is called Horchata. It is a skim milk, cinnamon and rice flavored drink. It was tasty and more like a little cup of dessert. We found it in our International Section of our grocery store...along with Jumex, guava nector. Super good to drink.

So, all in all, we are relishing in having our girl home. How we missed her and how we are enjoying hearing about all her adventures. She is a gem. We are so excited for her to see our Olsen family and friends and our traveling family members. What a blessing and what great times for us all.

Life is good!!!xo


  1. Loved this post, I just about cried! So glad that Kristen is back home safe and sound!

  2. Nothing beats that...welcoming a daughter home who has been out serving the Lord...I am so happy for all of you! :D

  3. Thank-you Lauren and Julie. xo

  4. Happy day! can't wait until we, too, are out there celebrating all the fun! Save some tacos for me!

  5. Welcome home Kristen!!!! You'll treasure your mission for the rest of your life and beyond. Now enjoy being with your family again! Yeah!!

  6. Kristen's mission has been a blessing for our family as well. We love her example of faithfulness and cheerfully serving the Lord. And it's so nice to have her home!


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