Friday, June 24, 2011

New Tastes

I've been in a weird mood lately. There are times in my life when it feels like a small earthquake is going on inside, when my personality cracks and the templates of who I am shift and former mountains become valleys and vis versa. I always enjoy when this happens because for a few days or weeks the monotony of life's every day repetitiveness gets a make over and fresh air blows through the regularity. At the same time, like when an earthquake disfigures familiar landmarks, I have to get to know these new land masses and make them a part of me and align and expand the beliefs and traditions and habits that have been governing my every thought and action since consciousness.

This long deep glimpse into my soul (haha) is simply an introduction to a new line I've recently discovered in London where they have the most fabulous and INTERESTING shoes....

Bacon and Eggs

Cortesan Floral Bar

Daddy's Girl

Duke the 2nd

Oriento Sun So

Can't Touch This

I probably never would have looked at them twice had this shift in nature not occurred bringing on these new tastes. These names alone are awesome. I can see myself ordering a pair and when it arrives in the mail exclaiming, "My bacon and eggs are here!"Or if I've lost them, "Has anyone seen Duke the 2nd?"

Along with new, weird tastes in fashion this out-of-no-where life altering has brought a gratifying awareness to a new singer, Adele. Have you heard of her!? Sooooo good! Here is one of my favorites, although beware, it's so beautiful it always makes me all teary:

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. WOW! Tis true. Sometimes as the winds of change and shaping of one's self occurs, mighty and wonderful things happen. And boy oh boy---if only these shoes could talk-ha! They are so creative and fun to look at..although there are a few pairs that would be near impossible for me to even begin to walk in.Cortesan Floral Bar is adorable. xo


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