Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Vest...and more!

Many moons ago, I mentioned doing some sewing for my son. I made him a vest and tie for Prom. I believe it turned out AOK.

Hardest part was finding out my button hole feature did not work on my sewing machine...a machine I have had since I was 17 years old...eeeekkk! So, I made button holes by hand. Maybe you all know how to make button holes by hand? Not me. Had to look it up on the Internet and then do it! The last hole I sewed was by far the best. The for improvement.

Dropping a car off at the school before my son headed to his Prom meeting spot.

Hubby and son, shooting the breeze with snacks and drinks at the designated meeting house for all the Prom goers in this particular group. Lots and lots of pictures were being taking, of course.

Got to love that look on my son's face. He and the boys seem very comfortable hovering around the food table while the girls were having their pictures taken.

After many years of taking pictures of our 3 older girls going to dances and Prom, it was nice to switch things up and hook into the boys side of picture taking.

Got to love this pose.

And, the smiles.

Only boys would think to get into a tree for a picture!

One of our favorite friends, Samantha

Heading down to the lake and garden area for more fun pictures.

This truly was a happy group of kids----actually, these kids have been friends for many, many, many school years and just enjoy being together.

A great group.

Looking back up to the house from the lake. This was back at the beginning of May, so, the beautiful gardens are just getting the hang of having to grow again. The lady of this house, had placed little name makers next to each and every flower, bush, or growing thing. It was so lovely.

And, here is the shed with the garage behind it. So cute and so fun.

More man poses!

And, more laughing.

The blue bottle tree.

Last picture because it was time to head out for dinner and dancing.

Great memories...loads of fun...see more of these kids next school year.

Sure brought back fond memories of my own Prom days. How about you? Were you a Prom goer?

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  1. Prom was so long ago for me, I can hardly remember it! He sure is a handsome son in that vest! :D


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