Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello, Me Beauties!!

We celebrated our very first official "Women's Day", while on vacation. A tradition we hope to continue each and every year. We have got 4 generations of lovelies in this picture. So nice.

We went to my very favorite quilt shop, The Ice House. Here is my mom in the Ice House attic, looking at all the different holiday splendors.

I just love stopping by this place.

Jenna...a serious shopper-ha!

Alyson and I, outside the Ice House, happy with our little purchases. We each bought fabric to use to cover a picture frame or to use as background---or whatever we want to do, to frame our Women's Day photo.

And, we just had to stop in for a little snack before cream being the keyword here.

Truth be told, we ate plates of fries and then had ice cream. What a celebration. This is a fun, old fashioned, restaurant, with such personality. We all discussed our highs and lows of the year, while being surrounded by the biggest collection of coca-cola memorabilia I have ever seen.

Walking past the "Jerky" shop and found this funny sign.

Love, love, love this water pump hand rail.

Oh, the Rialto. We have seen many a movie in this very old, old and i do mean old theater. It reminds me of the theater my family use to go to when I was a little girl. If you have ever seen the movie The Majestic, you will have a clearer picture of what it is like inside the Rialto.

I love to see this mural. Hand painted and framed, on a shop wall.

We discovered that the sidewalks (shops) closed up pretty much by 5pm and had to cut our exploring in town a little short. We missed a few places like the art museum, book shop and yarn nook. Instead, we invited the men folk to come into town and eat a little dinner with us gals. For you who bow hunt , this restaurant has tons of memorabilia of Fred Bear. Did not know he had roots in Michigan.

Sorry to catch you with your eyes closed, Jenna. But, just had to show off our pizza. Wow was it ever good. This just might be our new favorite pizza place, up in northern Michigan.

All in all, we had a fabulous time, spending a little time together as women and exploring and seeing new things. We are off to a great start in our new tradition. Until next time.....xo


  1. Glad to see you've had such a wonderful visit with family. How special to all be together!!

  2. Now that looks like a fun day the beauties all..and the handrail pump and all the food shared and talk..great time to be remembered. :D

  3. What a horrible picture of me behind that pizza! It was good though...! Loved our first Women's Day! We HAVE to come up with a name now!


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