Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Days!

Someone has been here this summer and how she loves to play peek-a-boo!

Went camping in northern Michigan with lot's of our family. We all hiked into one of our most "favorite, favorite and I do mean favorite" lakes for fishing, reading, picnicking, and basking in the beauty of Mother Nature...Wakely Lake. The early group hiked in and hit the fishing with the sunrise. The late group came in a few hours later with a picnic and all kinds of fun doings!

My daughter, Kristen, was with the early group. Here she is holding up a little pan fish. For all you fishermen and women, this is an artificial lures only lake----you can only hike into the lake (no cars, trucks, etc) and no motorized boats. So, you wade, paddle your canoe or belly boat it out into the lake.
K----looking good in my wadders!

Jenna and my son figuring out something on the camera. Don't you just love Spencer's makeshift doo---I believe it was to keep the sun off his neck, and to help keep mosquito's and black flies away.

Someone had a ball exploring all the wonders around her...and under our favorite shade tree's.

She loved discovering the beautiful flowers and then taking a closer look....picking the flowers apart....she was very busy for a very long time. This is hard work for a girl who just turned "one".

Hubby came up with a nice wide mouth bass catch!

My pretty mom enjoying everything. She is a delight ----and you would never have known she had a terrible and I do mean terrible gash on her leg that took us to the ER late one night. Many stitches and pain meds.....i must was so bad i saw her bone. I did not like it one bit. It was awful and she was so brave.

Fishermen....L to R, my super son-in-law, my husband, and my dad----dad was born to fish and has fished his entire life. He taught my son-in-law how to fly fish a few years ago...and actually, he taught my husband many, many, many years ago how to fly fish. We love to fish.

My son was so sad that he had left his ID at home. He could not get a fishing license without his ID. So, what-cha' gonna do? He had fun. He and Alyson have taken pictures like this for awhile, now. So funny how big Spencer is and how it makes Alyson look so small.

Can you hear the peace and quiet? Can you feel the gently breeze? Can you see the dragonflies and butterflies lighting gracefully here and their? How about the loons? How I love hearing the loons.

A great adventure and lovely rest at OUR Wakely Lake.

What has everyone been doing this summer? As you can tell, we have been so very busy with lots of company and extra activities. So much to share and fun pictures ahead....tis a good ole summer time! xoxo


  1. It was wonderful fun to enjoy our trip to Wakely Lake again. It was a great day to enjoy all the beauty mother nature offered. Loved seeing each of our family enjoying it in their own special way. That cute great grand-baby
    taking those beginning steps to pick a flower was the sweetest. Thanks for all the special memories. Love Mom alias Gma.

  2. Looks like your summer has been perfect so far. I was excited to read an update!

  3. What a beautiful post! :) Oh how I love that little girl! She just gets more and more beautiful every day! You have such a wonderful family. I have told Jenna on numerous occasions that I hope when raising my kids, our family can be as close and fun as yours. You are a wonderful mom!

    Keep the posts coming... this blog really helps to get me through the day sometimes! :)

  4. Looks like a perfect day with those you love...that baby..what a wonder she is! :D


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