Thursday, August 11, 2011

More the good ole summer time!

One of my favorite summer pictures! My son-in-law taking a run through the rain. He even put his swim suit on for the occasion. He doesn't see much rain in his neck of the woods and just had to get out in it and enjoy it for awhile. He is such a fun guy!

My son joining in the fun. See how brown the grass became this summer? Hot, hot and hot days with very little rain.

HA! After their run, someone was even a little bit cold. Felt great!

Had to pull out the rocking horse from storage. Ride'm cowgirl. This little sweetie needs cowgirl cowgirl boots, for sure.

We sure enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July together. We even braved the heat and ate outside.

Plenty of chefs on hand to do things up right!

I do love a good ole bbq......

...and all the fixings!

Time to eat and enjoy each others company!

The more, the merrier!

A favorite past time. Ha! Pushing one's own stroller around and around.

There was work to be done, too! We put in a little, lovely rose garden off of our back porch.

Everybody needs someone to supervise a ground breaking activity....and to eat snacks.

Just about done. Love seeing this rose garden each and everyday. I am loving the colors of roses this, yellow and lavender. The lavender has a beautiful scent....very different from other roses that I am familiar with. I have been clipping many a bloom. They sure do brighten-up our home and smell so good.

Keep on enjoying the summer everyone! xo


  1. I love the idea of the pink cowboy boots! I did love mine so much. Haha. Looks like a ton of fun went down in July! So glad everyone could go out and see you guys.

  2. I bet this baby never lacks attention in your cute! :D


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