Monday, April 19, 2010

Doing This...Getting Rid of That!

Yipes and ugh! Here's my fix/repair project for this week.

My heart broke (a little), when I saw this on my front porch. This is one of my three matching Limoge pots that I bought back in 1999, when we lived in France. I have been so careful with them. So, one fine sunny day, I put my potted minature rose out on our sunny front porch know the rest. I went out around dusk to bring my plant inside and all my potted plants were turned over and de-potted. Did not take me long to figure out who was responsible. The guilty party had left dirty paw marks on the porch and was near by. What to do????

Yes, the picture is blurry. I think that is because I was a bit cautious/nervous being this close to a WILD animal. After bringing my Limoge into the house and whimpering about it...a little, I headed back out to clean up the dirt on the porch and Hello! Said raccoon was eating our cat food. All I did was open the front door...the raccoon looked up momentarily, and then went back to eating our cat food-ha! Can you believe this raccoon never budged as I took this picture? Now, let me say loud and clear....Raccoons are not our friends! They may seem friendly and darn cute when their little ones are with them, but, they are a wild animal. No touching, no befriending, and no more cat food on the porch for said raccoon. The end. Ha!

So, what are you doing this week?


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about your beautiful pots. Can you fix them? How can you fix them?

    I will spend most of my week grading recommendation reports from my Technical Writing class. I wish I was scrapbooking, riding bikes with our kids, making bread, sitting on our deck watching the world slowly go by, etc. I need a pep talk about enjoying the journey, eh.

  2. Ha! Right back at you, sister! It does seem time to pull back on the 'reins of life' and slow things down..remembering those things we have dearly loved doing over the years....things that bring us so much happiness and peace. I think I get feeling the same way as you do at this point of the school year. So, stop, drop and roll...ha! Put out the fire and plan to enjoy some of those things from days gone by. xoxoxoxo
    p.s. Special glue for my Limoge? Have to track some down at Lowe's, I suppose.

  3. that poor, poor plant and pot :( it was a sad day indeed when the limoge pot took a spill. maybe lowe's will have some glue to put it back together?


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