Monday, April 5, 2010

Man Aprons

Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! With Jenna's baby shower this Saturday, I have been planning, sewing and crafting like crazy lately. I decided to make
some manly aprons for my husband and son to wear while they take care of the kitchen duties at Jenna's shower. I came up with these very easy Man Aprons! They are sturdy and simple to put together (also very useful for upcoming BBQ season when those grills start coming out)

Here is what I did.....

I bought two large, thick striped dish towels...a towel for each apron measuring
28 1/2" L x 18" W, a spool of dark brown
grosgrain ribbon and a spool of dark brown and light tan thread for the hand sewing.

Turn towel to it's wrong side and fold in corners of the towel to make the top
of the apron. The fold measures in 5 1/4" W x 5 1/4 L.

Should look like this. Hand sew into place using the tan thread. Sewing on dish towel fabric is so fun and easy.

Should look like this when turned to right side of fabric.

Time to cut the grosgrain ribbon for the neck band and apron ties. My husband is 6 feet tall.
He wanted the apron to hang around his neck at a length that felt comfortable. So, his neck
band measures 24"...taking into consideration the 3/4 seam needed for sewing on each side
of the apron top.

Turn each end of the grosgrain ribbon under 3/4" and pin it to top corners of apron. Using dark
brown thread, sew ribbon into place. I hand sewed around the 3/4" and then
sewed a straight stitch from the top left corner of the 3/4" to the bottom right corner
of the 3/4"...reinforcement.

Once the neck is done, move onto the apron ties. Once again, I measured the amount of
grosgrain ribbon to fit my husband's frame. This came out to be 29", taking into account the 3/4" seam allowance. Also, I had my husband tell me where it was most comfortable to place the ties on the sides. This came out to be 8 1/2" down the side of the towel. Turn ribbon 3/4" to hide raw edge and sew just like above mentioned apron neckband.

Just about done. Did not take a picture of next step..sorry. But, will explain. Take a lit
match and singe the edges of the ties. You only have to run the match, evenly, past the coarse edge of the ribbon, once. It seals the edges of the ribbon and looks very smooth and finished.

Here is a picture of my son wearing the finished Man Apron! (Now he has no excuse to avoid dish duty at home!) As you can see, a large dish towel is really all you need to make a good apron and so easy. Would make a good Father's Day gift, or apron for all of those spring/summer bbq's that are just round the corner.


  1. I love this!! And a cute towel could just as easily make a good apron for girls too! So simple and cheap and wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Corinne. I think a girls apron from fun dish towels could be so cute, too. They are so easy to make. xoxo


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