Monday, April 5, 2010

The Return of the Tie-Dye!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled daily routine to bring you somewhat disturbing news. TIE DYE IS BACK. And I think I like it.
The day I first got wind that it was truly coming back, I was reading Vogue's April edition featuring a story on Gisele.
Reading about her birthing experience (she gave birth in a bathtub in her home! Au natural!) and seeing how it has changed her life was neat for me to ponder how my own life and views of myself will also change in a few months. BUT I couldn't help noticing all the advertisements with tie dye.
Like you I was thinking "is it really time to dig out those 90's over-sized neon-bright tee-shirts and tacky ball caps?!" I saw visions of my dad wearing those pink and green cotton print pants from my childhood again, Gaaaaah! But as I've been seeing more tie dye around, I believe I'm coming around to acceptance. It's not the in-your-face tie-dye, but types for every kind:

The fashion forward

The beach bum..not so bummy

These shoes are so cool! I think any "kid" any age can get away with them. With a stretch skirt? Board shirts?

Day wear chic/Sunday Brunch
Look at this cute pup!

Casual/dressy for the subtle dresser
If I had deep pockets and lived in England, I'd go to TopShop

Turquoise IS the 2010 color. With this boyfriend sweater it's perfect for a party on campus!

I really, really like this Bottega Veneta bag. But priced at $1,550 my next thought is "Now how could I make it?!" (This and other tie-dye bags at The Purse Blog )

Anyway, get back to your homework, laundry or important phone call. Tie Dye is back. It's inevitable. DON'T go unpacking your attics, keep those shirts and pants BURIED! (dad :c)

What do you think of this resurrected trend? Do you think anyone can wear tie-dye? Can you?



  1. J...I hope tie-dye is back and hangs around for a good long time. It was so fitting with a peace sign or smiley face from days gone by. What was once designated as 'hippie' clothes, back in the 60's/70's, is so cool and fantastic for anyone of any age. I say, "Why not!" Wear it and love it!!!

  2. Last night for FHE we tie-dyed, it is for some "wardstock" (think woodstock) ward activity. I personally own two tie-dyed shirts. One from girls camp years ago, and another from my high school chemistry class. They are used ONLY as P.J.'s and running shirts, or hippie costumes. Although, I might approve of that day wear chic dress. Maybe.

    Back to that important homework. I laughed at the reminder. Thank you!

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