Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Fine Day!!!

It was a beautiful spring day...a perfect day for a Baby Shower.

Having a good time unloading for the shower. Good help was not hard to find.

Seeing family and friends...does not get better than this!

What in the world? Ok, a baby shower game....diapers and candy bars. It was fun and a success. Here we have the melting of the candy bar and the smallest diaper in the world. Ha!

OK...well, my son is not being truthful...ha! What a face. We had six tiny diapers filled with 6 different candy bars. So cool. Each person had to "sniff" and determine which candy bar was in that particular diaper.
Yummy menu card, designed and made by the dearest friend ever! She also made a dessert table card, giving credit where credit was due to a gal who did the baking of the dessert.
Here I am in my extra large kitchen! Just kidding. Making yogurt/fruit parfait in the kitchen in our church building.

My good husband keeping an eye on the hash browns and wearing his man apron.

Hello parfaits. Wish I had one of these right now. They were so good, fresh and were divine with homemade granola on top.

Two sweet gals who served Brunch to all of the Baby Shower guests. They were such good helpers. And, loved giving them their aprons.

Tables were "spring-time" fresh!!!

Our honored guest who we enjoyed celebrating with so much.

Room full of wonderful people.

The gift table was so bright and beautiful. It was down right festive.

Jenna received such marvelous and thoughtful gifts. So fun to see all the sweet baby gifts. Nothing like a room full of women, oohing and ahhing over each gift opened.

These orange cheesecakes with chocolate cookie crusts were so divine. It is hard to express how delicious they were. One taste is all it took!!!

Whew! What a celebration! What a happy and delightful time for one and all. We had a blast. Time to rest after so much fun and happiness.


  1. It looks like it was a wonderful baby shower! I wish I could have been there. Jenna looks absolutely beautiful and radiant!!

  2. That was wonderful!! It made me feel like I was there for a little bit :] Everything was so lovely. Great job.

  3. The baby shower was wonderful! It is one of the nicest baby showers I have ever been to. Thanks for the time and effort you put in so we could all celebrate this happy time together. I love your family.

  4. Thanks everyone! It was a huge success and so nice to be amongst long-time friends.


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