Saturday, January 8, 2011

January...a lovely month!

Ooh-la-la! I'll take a cup of this to go! This is the first picture/page on my new 2011 wall calendar. I do love a good calendar.

The New Year brings refreshment and a breath of fresh air into my life. I feel invigorated and rejuvenated...not by anything that I am doing specifically, but, simply by the fact that a New Year has once again rolled around. The old year is out and the New Year is in! A fresh slate with nothing on it! A new day to carry on and live life to it's fullest. I am curious as to what the New Year will bring...the adventures, the joys, the sorrows, the trials, the triumphs...such a mixed bag.

My husband bought and hauled home a new bed. He assembled the bed as I gathered fresh linens, a blanket and quilts. As I hauled myself up into the bed (ha---really, don't laugh, but, I really had to make effort to get up and onto our bed), I sat with pillows at my back, I felt very regal and somewhat like "The Princess and the Pea"...finagling for comfort in this new nice bed---failing to fight off peels of laughter caused by our new "much to tall" bed, we finally did settle down and began to talk about our life together...past, present and future. We don't set goals each New Year. I wondered about this little fact. And, then it came to me....every birthday celebrated, every wedding anniversary that comes and goes, every change of season, every World Wide General Conference for our church each October and April---these are check points in my life. I give myself a lot of chances to do, redo, try again, accomplish, reset, move forward, move backward, etc. It works for me.

So, here's to January where I will continue to enjoy lots of cups of cocoa. This cocoa was sent to us by our daughter who is serving a Spanish speaking mission for our church. The chocolate looks somewhat like a hockey puck. You drop it into milk. It slowly dissolves as the milk heats up on the stove.

And, to winter snow and new friends in our yard. This little deer has found refuge in our yard for the past week or so. Love seeing her wandering around or seeing her from my kitchen window in the early morning light, still asleep under our huge pine trees.

I love January...come what may!


  1. That is my motto too! Come what may and love it..because I trust the Lord. I drink lots of cocoa made with milk too. And Gen. Conf. is my restart button also, it helps me so much to be better than I normally am. :D

  2. That cocoa looks amazing. And, horrah for new beds! I understand the large bed problem though. In the dorms there's 3 levels and mine is on the highest so I always have to jump up to get onto it. I can fit my dresser underneath. Haha. Cute little deer as well. :)

  3. Shelby...I love a bed that has a dresser underneath it. Saves so much space. We had those types of beds for the kids while living in France. They were great. Good luck with college. xoxoxo

  4. i loved this post! especially the picture of the calendar; going along with jenna's theme, i think my word for the month of january will be "serenity." also, i liked what you said about benchmarks; it seems like new years resolutions come and go, and we don't very often follow through on them as much as we want, but things like general conference, birthday's, yearly traditions, etc, really give a good opportunity to reflect and then look forward

  5. Your post helped me settle something that has nagged at me for years. I am also not a New Year, goal setting person. Sometimes I try, but I rarely remember the goals by the end of spring. On the other hand, I glory in conference and carefully check my progress, and make plans to improve myself. I'm going to stop feeling bad about myself because I don't succeed at NY goal setting, and continue my twice yearly "restart button" (like Julie said). I feel better about myself already...thanks.

  6. are my all time "go-to-girl" at Conf. time. You do thrill over Conf. All good.

  7. I had never thought about the "re-start" process before, makes goal setting so much more do-able.
    I had to laugh when I saw "Sin" (the Spanish)on the chocolate wrapping..Sinfully good chocolate! Thanks for a great post!


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