Friday, January 28, 2011

A Mom's Ultimate Survival Kit

I was catching up on one of my favorite DIY blogs, All Things Thrifty and came across this BRILLIANT project: A mom's ultimate survival kit. (Or, a date night survival kit?! A boring class kit? A trip to the park kit? An overnighter kit?!)

You know how you have to dig to the bottom of your purse for know you put a pen in your bag but where is it? Voila!

She picked up items at a dollar store. If it was a date kit I'd put in lipgloss, safty pins, money, gum etc. Boring class: sudoko, colored pens, candy, straws and spitwads...

Made pockets for each...

I actually think I look more at the beautiful pillows in the background here, ha!

How awesome is that?! This way, you're not a tote-bag lugging, backpack exploding crazy person. She must have known I needed this!
She even includes a tutorial for making the cute flower on the outside!

To make it go to the site here

Happy Monday!

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  1. Super "Nifty" with "All Things Thrifty"! What a great idea. I love the pockets so that everything stays in it's place. I use to have a container in the car filled with pencils, pens, tape, gluestick, scissors, a stapler, etc. This would have been great for our "in the car, school kit". xoxo


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