Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rolling around in the New Year! Ha!

I took a bunch of my fabric scrap's and cut out pentagon's and hexagon's. And, I am so loving using my Wildflower pincushion with pearlized pins. Makes me feel a tiny bit fancy and festive, when I sew.
Making a ball from my new book that Jenna and her hubby gave to me for Christmas. The book is called, Seams To Me....by Anna Maria Horner. The book is splendid and even has a pocket in the back of it with the patterns all safely tucked away for use in the future. Starting to look like a ball...I think.
Well, a little fuzzy in the photo and I do not have enough stuffing to fluff it up super tight, but, had to take a picture of it before I send it to Jenna. I am sending it to her, flat, so that she can stuff it for her little one and finish off the last patch. I like it!

And, while I sew and do many other things, I like to take time to throw out old bread crusts for the birds so they can have a little treat. You can see a blue bird, a red cardinal and the plain bird is the female cardinal.

And, here is our little deer...just waking-up. Took this picture right off of our back porch. Hope we continue to see her around for awhile. She is delightful to watch.



  1. I love your cute ball, so fun! You are surrounded by joy I think! :D

  2. After scheming and loving that ball we saw on her blog, it's finally ours!! ha! Looks great! can't wait to get a picture with M playing with it!

  3. I love that you have a friend in your backyard. Have you given her a name yet?

  4. HA! I think we have just been calling her, "our
    deer". Any suggestions?

  5. She needs a soft, sweet name that bespeaks nature and God's gentle creatures. Names are so personal because of the people we know with those names. I like "Miranda."

  6. These are so cute and quite pretty. Enjoying the beauty of a visit in your yard and especially the birds and that sweet deer. Luv....M&D.

  7. for as long as i've known you, you're always doing fun projects. i like your sweet blog. how are you??

  8. Jody..right back at ya! You are one of the best and most creative sewers I have ever meet. Miss the old days of sewing for our kids...especially the spring dresses. Such fun times.
    Glad you like the blog. All good here. Hope all is well for you. xo


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