Saturday, January 22, 2011

Staying IN for Date Night

We are experiencing a wonderful and bone chilling "Arctic Snap". Yes, it does feel as cold as it sounds. It is very exciting, to say the least. So, we stayed in for Date Night and I am so glad we did.

I do love a good salad....croutons, dried cranberries, walnuts, Parmesan cheese, veggies...the works.

We are kicking off each and every Friday (weekend) this winter/New Year, with trying a fun drink with dinner. We have tried sparkling grape juice, raspberry lemonade, and last nights, Pomegranate lemonade. It was like having a dessert in a glass-ha! Very good, but, very sweet.

I was so inspired by blogging friend, Julie's, "romantic steak dinner...with hot mustard sauce", (, that I had to do a little something about it. It was so good. I baked potato's, and made steak with onions and mushrooms.
It was divine. I must try Julie's hot mustard sauce, next time round.

And, there was dessert. Need I say more?

I have got to learn how to make this!!!

All in all, a wonderful way to celebrate a successful week and kick-off a super weekend. We are following the Australian Open, so, looking forward to watching some tennis while I sew.

What's happening in your neck of the woods this weekend? My son is doing it up right by starting his day off with scrambled eggs and layer cake---(ha)-and some early morning indoor tennis. Fantastic! xo


  1. All of the food, per usual, looks fantastic! I really like the shot of the pomegranate juice in those sparkling cups, how pretty!

  2. The food looks delicious. I think I need to go get something to eat... To answer your question about what we are doing: basketball, studying for finals (15 yr old son), temple, Applebees, Detroit Auto Show, Australian Open! The sign for Applebees had some letters that weren't lighting up, so we actually went out to dinner at "bees." ha

  3. Great sounding weekend, Denise. Hope Bee's was delicious and fun. So happy you are watching the Australian Open like us. We must compare who are favorites are and how they are doing. xo

  4. I love Roger. And I'm warming up to Joke-a-vich (sp). Too bad Nadal has a virus, but I would rather see Roger or Jokeavich win. I don't know anything about the women. Who are your favorites?

  5. We are Roger Federer fans and have been for several years, now. I am watching Nadal and Ferrer right now and Nadal is not looking so good. Women....the Williams sisters are some of my favorites...I love seeing them play but really get a kick out of what they have designed or decided to wear on the court.


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