Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Wedding Weekend..

...where I dyed my hair darker the morning of since I procrastinated getting highlights (curse you grays!), went dress shopping the morning of, found nothing so had to wear my backup outfit I packed just in case, whipped up a dress for M out of an old teeshirt, a onesie and fabric on hand, I thought family drama would sink the weekend but it didn't, the weather was hot! Where the weekend was beautiful and happy.

The happy family at Mesa Temple

A cute baby we found wandering around the grounds
"Please sir, canna have sommore?"

Where I get out from behind the camera for once

The young babe has found some fruit. Don't eat it!

The happy couple.

The happy cousins

The fruit is gone, what's left are the twigs. NOT as interesting..

Aaron and his best girls

I feel like this should be a painting or an abstract photo


Scrumptious luncheon.

Now, wasn't this a nice post? POST MORE OFTEN!



  1. I can't get over M's cute cute cute skirt!! And that you whipped it up :]

    I love your 'backup' outfit and I hope you keep posting!!

  2. I loved your post...and the dress..and the pictures of you and the baby, she is way too sweet! Lovely day..the best! :D

  3. I love your cute little family! You always look beautiful Jenna! Looks like a good weekend :)

  4. what can i say but, I LOVED IT!
    jenna, you are completely gawwgeous. come out from behind the camera more often, please! also, baby M is, per usual, a bundle of adorableness. loved seeing the pictures of your adventure!!

  5. This post makes me so happy for a lot of reasons. You look great! Your hair looks beautiful. Aaron is as handsome as ever. M is adorable in her cascading ruffles dress. And you had a beautiful, happy weekend. I love you!

  6. J..I love your post. So great to see some of the recap from your trip/wedding weekend. Love, love, love, your pictures..and you know me----love anything and everything with M, and you guys in it-ha! Her dress is so beautiful. You did a great job. And, the luncheon table, yummy! Very lovely. xo


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