Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy busy bees

It has been so busy around here ..I'm the ward Camp Director as well as the beehive advisor so there have been a lot of meetings, flag makings, flyer and parent letters, fund raising meetings etc..the have really taken over our schedule. I've also just interviewed to be a private music teacher so cross your fingers that I hear good news back!

With all the busyness, we still manage to get to the park!! And look stylish about it too..

A recap, Madelyn helping me to put her dress together she wore for the wedding we recently attended..

And finally, La Piece de Resistance...


  1. Ahh yay! I'm glad you went for the private teacher gig. That sounds like so much fun! And, for once she kept the sunglasses on long enough? :D

  2. You know what I am going to say.....what a doll. Loving those sunglasses. What a great little buddy. And, the pictures of the dress you made for M for the wedding/reception----it all just looks so beautiful. You did such a great job...very creative! HA! Loving your La Piece de Resistance. Looks so yummy! Great post and crossing fingers for the music teacher postition. xo

  3. ahhhhh so many things to say!! First, cinnabon=classic! I always think of dad bringing home a box of those every time he returned from a business trip. Second, Madelyn is just plain adorable, and the picture where she is laughing is priceless. Finally, GOOD LUCK with the private music gig!!

  4. There is something so cute about a baby in sunglasses. And this baby is extra cute! I wish I could take music lessons from you. You will be the perfect teacher.


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