Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looks like boys...but GIRLS RULE!

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Remember this little baby gift for new baby, Gwen?

Forgot to show and tell the little gift I put together for Gwen's big sister, Elle...who is still adjusting to the new arrival. Easter bucket for $1.00, baby "soft-body" doll for $4.00, and a little doll blanket made from the left over blanket fabric I made for Gwen.
So easy to do and really tickled a little girls fancy!
I hung out with these cute little boys, while their mom and dad went to the hospital to have baby, Clara. Here they are showing me their baby sisters crib...boy walls, but, darling pink bedding and pick checkered ruffle. This sweet little family will be moving soon, so, no need to redo the baby room.

The boys gave me a tour of their room.... bunk beds. Have to love being the oldest and sleeping on the top bunk.

We kept busy while we waited for Clara to be born. Aaron, the 3 year old, took a couple of pictures with my camera...ha! Big basement for playing....a little soccer going on here.

Another Aaron picture...boys rolling like logs across the basement floor. Had to keep them busy. Little boys are so different than little girls.

Aaron, listening to stories, rubbing his sleepy eyes...and oh...their are my husbands legs---or work pants-ha! He stopped by to say hi to the boys and help get them ready for bed.

Big brother, Caleb, reading bed time scripture stories.

Andrew brushing his teeth. These boys know how to brush their teeth and floss. Way to go!

Waiting and waiting for Clara to be born.

It only took Mary 5 hours from start to finish to have baby Clara. WOW! She is here safe and sound. Looking forward to meeting Clara and spending some time visiting Mary.

Love little baby girls!

P.S. While boys were sleeping and Matt was still at the hospital with Mary, I watched a PBS show about life in outer-Mongolia. I decided I will not be going their any time soon. Ha! It was so interesting. The wind, the sand, the heat, the huts, the horses being milked...that's right! Horses were being milked for humans to drink and use for food. Then again, you've got to love all the cultural differences--- and who knows...maybe horse milk is liquid gold. It definitely sustains their lives and tastes like....hmmmmm.....don't know and won't know! xo


  1. I feel like saying "Congratulations!!!" for baby Clara. :) You're such a great friend to take care of this family. And, I love the big sister present you made. That helps siblings adjust so much easier. You're a truly wonderful lady!!

  2. I agree with the earlier comment. You are a wonderful, wonderful person and friend.

  3. I love the big sister gift! Such a great idea :)
    I just have to tell you that I've been to Mongolia! Yeah, random. My brother served his mission there and my father and I went to pick him up. Luckily it was during the spring so the weather was nice. We rode horses, hiked to a beautiful monastery in the mountains and visited with the people. Horse milk = nasty! My brother said you get used to it but I didn't like it at all. The culture there is so interesting.

  4. Elisabeth...isn't it funny--I thought about missionaries while I was watching that show and wondered what stories they would have to tell upon their return. Thanks for the insight. Your brother was very brave and glad he was able to get use to the horse milk. Wow! So amazing that you have actually been their and tasted the milk. Quite an experience, I am sure. I have come to know that wherever you "hang your hat", even if for only 2 years on a misson, is home. You get to really know, experience and become part of where you live. Thanks for your comment.


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