Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twas A Lovely Weekend!

The weekend started like this......brrrrrrrr!

My passenger window in the car! Cold, but somewhat beautiful! We headed to our high school where our boys percussion trio qualified (last February) for State Solo and Ensemble Competition. Here the boys are listening to the judge who said he was... "totally blown away and did not know what to say". Yep, a proud moment for us parents. The boys took "blue" and best trio in our region of State competition. They now have been asked to record their drumming piece to be sent for an overall State-wide competition. Very exciting!
Then, our friends came for a visit. Divine! I cannot say enough about this family. They are the dearest of friends. We met at our favorite Chinese Restaurant, as they pulled into town from Indiana.

Look at this little beauty! She is a marvel and makes being 6 magical. Never a dull moment. Loving her snuggie! I think that is what it is called.

And, man oh man! The piano got a good workout. Reminded me of when Jenna would play and play and play, when she lived at home. He is quite good and just made me smile hearing him play.
My hubby was heading to the garage to cut basement ceiling tiles. But, stopped to play a few games before heading to the workshop.
A few hours later....ha! Still playing and having a blast! Work can wait! Time to play and enjoy being together.
Loved cooking bigger meals for us all. I loved the Fajitas on Saturday. My friend, Suzy, tipped me off to a fast and easy way to make Fajitas. Bought baked chickens from the store, shredded the meat into my big pan, and added a McCormick Chicken Fajita Seasoning packet. Easy-pie!
It was good to sit down and eat together. Even made some jello which I have most likely not made in a few years. Made for fun. No picture, but, it was delightful to sit and have a nice crowd for an after church Sunday meal. We ate lasagna. Hit the spot. So fun to eat and visit.
Love this family. Aren't they fantastic? Hated to see them go, but, they will be back in May. What a treat. Made saying good-bye not so sad this time round. And, if you ever need a true-blue friend, Kareena is it! Not only did she visit, stay with us and bright up our weekend, she took time to go to her old neighborhood and visit, care for, help and listen to her neighbor who was in a terrible accident this past Thanksgiving and is still in recovery mode. Talk about bringing joy and happiness and a little boost to a friend in need. She did not go just once, or twice, but three times to support and cheer this friend. Now, that is amazing and just how Kareena is!
So, see ya in May. And, thanks for such a great visit. It was a lovely weekend!

What did all of you like best about your weekend? Do tell!

p.s. Genevieve...missed you this weekend. Let's look forward to a time we can all get together. Would love it!


  1. Oh, you're so sweet to mention me. I was reading through the post aching the whole time to be there! I'm glad you all had so much fun. Please let me know the dates for your May reunion. Wouldn't it be fun if we figured out how to get there? Love to all of you!

  2. ohh! So good to see your fun adventures with the Hortons! I love in the last picture, with Jenna's hair blowing back like that, how it looks like she's in her "model shot" pose :)And so glad to hear that they will be back in May, too, so that I can see them as well! And hopefully the Nelsons too??!

  3. and PS--way to go for the drum trio men!! keep us updated on the good news :)

  4. I have to admit, my favorite picture was of Jenna because we share the same name :) Wish I could have been there to see everyone too! Sounds like such a fun time..
    We didn't do much this weekend oursevles but I'll tell you what, we'll be making those fajitas sometime this week!

  5. Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS to the trio!! We've shared your you-tube video with friends/family and all are very impressed!


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