Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome March...and other special things!

My calendar picture for the month of March. Lovely!

Remember these little beauties? Perfect for those special little "cutie-pies" in our lives. Please enjoy a look-see here-- Amanda and Austin have a story to tell that I think you will be interested in, too.

You will also find these.....

..and these (thanks a million Genevieve). I do love hand crafted jewelery. Think spring! Fresh! So fun to wear!

Went to this special event the other night for National Honor Society.

The tall fellow, in the light grey shirt to the right of the photo (our son).... shaking hands with our Principal and one of our favorite all time teachers/tennis coach, Mr Pedlow.

And, heading over to my friend Lacy's today. She just had a little baby girl, Gwendolyn Eloise. Big sister, Elle, will be getting a little baby doll with a blanket that matches Gwen's. Elle is 2! She is ready to send Gwen back to wherever she came from-ha! I think I will make Elle's Dad some cookies. He is going to need his strength..ha!

Happy day to you all. xo


  1. awww, there's so much going on! that jewelry was really pretty indeed, and so proud of buds for making it into NHS. oh, and of course, pedlow is awesome

  2. Thank you again for the publicity! It means a lot to Amanda. Congratulations for NHS! I had my most embarrassing moment at the induction ceremony...have to tell you sometime. :)

  3. Genevieve...I do remember your most embarrassing moment. My lips are sealed...xoxoxox

  4. I love those baby darn cute! ;D


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