Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love Blue Shoes

For today's post I'm extremely pleased to introduce our guest writer, my sister, Alyson!!

Some people find their thrills in driving fast cars, getting the winning hand in a game, or discovering a new recipe they can’t wait to try out. For me, I get that shock of electric excitement when I find a pair of fabulous shoes. Sneakers, sandals, boots, and flats are all wonderful to me, but my true passion lies in high heels. My latest addition has been, in my opinion, one of the best: a pair of blue, ruffled, gorgeously tall heels.

I was out shopping at Kohl’s, browsing down the shoe aisle when I first saw them sitting on the shelf. Instinct kicked in, and I grabbed quickly for the shoe box, as if I was in the world cup and had four large opponents also heading for what I already considered MY shoes. Smirking gleefully, I sat down and kicked off my own shoes to try on these beautiful masterpieces. I’m sure if others had seen me at that moment, the emotion passing over my face could only be described as “love at first sight.”

I took my first step in them, and instantly knew that there was no way I was going home without them. I made my way over to my mother, also shopping, to show off my incredible find (did I mention these shoes were originally $60, and I found them on sale for $15??). I struck a pose, or as much of a pose as one can strike when trying to display only one’s feet, and then pranced proudly around the aisle a little longer. Finally, I carefully returned the heels to their box, which was glued to my hands until we were out of the store.

What do you find your thrills in?


  1. Love the shoes! And the picture is appropriately red, white and blue. :)

  2. I LOVE these shoes!! Last night my roommate and I, after wedding dress shopping for what seemed like an eternity, went to the mall to look for shoes. I forgot how much I love shoe shopping.

    I find my thrills in finishing a good book, in talking to a friend on the phone for hours, in finding the perfect accessory for that one occasion (be it shoes, purse, jewelry, or a scarf), and baking something delicious for others!

    And I have to ask, do you already have an outfit for the shoes? Or are you going to have to find one?

  3. Love it! I find my thrill in sunglasses for sure!

  4. These frilly, blue shoes tickle me pink! I can just see you in these shoes too. So beautiful. So spunky. I LOVE your personality, Alyson.

  5. Aly...loving these shoes every time I see them. And, I thought of one more thing....we had a 30% off coupon when you bought your shoes.So, blue shoes for less than $15. What a deal. What a find. xo


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