Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love "time" and I love beautiful and fun "clocks". But, i think for J and A, the ticking seems a little bit louder as they wait for their baby to make her appearance....and soon! All is well and i am really enjoying my time in Nevada.


  1. Prayers and good luck wishes for you!! Even though it feels like the baby will never come (and I know it even feels believable), you'll be holding her soon! :)

  2. I sometimes have a harder time with waiting than I do with things like drama and pain. Patience is something I need to get better at.

    I'm sure you will make the most of this quiet time (all three of you!). Just feel lucky that you didn't have to play 138 games of tennis with the same Frenchman.

  3. Bahaha! Way to keep our prospective on the bright side! (Although I'll get back to you after labor because THAT might feel like playing 138 games straight!)


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