Monday, June 7, 2010

There and Back again.. A..erm... Large Hobbit's Tale

A week in pictures..Arizona baby shower, 2nd Wedding Anniversary on the beach and a college grad..

The party favors my sister-in-law thought up. The theme color was purple and the flowers I hot glue gunned onto the top of little glass jars

a great turnout

These girls had on the cutest tutu skirts that made the party so colorful and girly

NOT a real baby! but the homemade wrap I couldn't wait to try out

My sister-in-law models the other wrap I received. (She's married to Aaron's twin brother!)

Does that make us twin sisters? We are great friends

Aaron took his task of minding our niece during the party very seriously..

Can you tell he's ready for our baby?

Can you spot something below that doesn't quite fit in with the others?


A pair of legs?

Ah hahahaha she wore the poor boy out. Welcome to parenthood!

While in San Diego we spotted a beached whale stranded on the sand..


Nothing like sand between your toes

A wonderful set up, we spent 2 days sitting on the beach doing nothing at all
Then we went to an aquarium

One of Aaron's dreams is to swim in a shark cage. Gaaa! I'm afraid this is as close as you're going to get!

I don't dream of being inside a shark's mouth but I couldn't resist, mate

Then back to AZ for Aaron's brother Adam's college graduation!

I just love this picture of Aaron and our niece

3 of the 4 brothers

Whew! What a trip! Are you going anywhere this summer?


  1. Jenna, you are the most beautiful lady ever. I just love your smile, your eye for beautiful and funny things ( I love the, "closer, there are a pair of legs!"), and your spirit! You know how to uplift others with your many talents.

    Whenever I read this blog it takes me back to the day where we were just relaxing at your place. Sitting on the couch, looking up recipes and cute diy crafts. Thanks for continuing to bring so much joy and comfort (especially comfort) into my life!! You are amazing!

  2. J...fabulous photo history for three wonderful events. Thanks for sharing...see you and A so very soon. xo

  3. One of the things that impressed me the most in these pictures is your beautifully painted toenails. You are amazingly talented to be able to still reach down there to paint your toenails!

    I also love the pictures of Aaron with little girls. He will be such a good daddy: loving, kind, goofy, etc.

    Thanks for taking the time to post all these wonderful pictures. I LOVED looking through each one. (With blogger...I know it takes a pretty big chunk of time.)


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