Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello February!!

Loving this new picture on my calendar for the month of February! I love the start of a new month. How about you?
Thanks to my fab friend, Denise---who helped me do some fabric shopping. She has a great eye for beauty and creativity.

This is one of my favorite patterns. I have made 9 skirts using this pattern, so, I feel like I can truthfully say this is a good pattern. So, I got busy and sewed up a storm while watching The Australian Open last week.

Ooh-la-la! Got these little beauties done in no time. They are for my daughter who is serving a mission for our church. I think she will be very glad to see them and will enjoy having something new to wear or share, after being out a little more than a year on her mission.

More of the same.....I must confess, after sewing these skirts, I did make one for myself! HA! I have already worn it and loved it.
Moving on...hello? Who has come to visit today (actually yesterday) and in broad daylight? The snow has been on the ground for so long that animals are having a hard time finding food. Before Mr. Opossum stopped by to visit the cat food dish, I noticed a large blue jay eating the cat food.

And, what a difference a day can make. We are having a huge snowstorm and happy for it. No school...hubby working from home today. We have cocoa being made in the cocoa machine, a cozy fire in the wood burning stove, great music playing...the makings of a terrific day.

A little peek out of the back door. Still expecting a few more inches. So, we will wait before we go out and play and shovel and drag the driveway. I guess my February "word" of CALM on the calendar was right. It is very calm and peaceful outside.

Well, wherever you are today, hope you all have a great day. And by the way, it is Groundhog Day! No shadows will be seen here today. How about where you live? Are you up to your eyeballs in snow? Sunshine? Rain? Mother Nature....she is a clever one! xo


  1. This is the strangest winter I have ever seen. It was nice when on vacation in California but you would expect that, right? Well, it's been like that as well in Reno. Crazy!!! I'm loving it though. It's been cold and everything but it's amazingly sunny all the time and has its warm days. I'm not looking forward to a cold snap again when it happens. Love the skirts for Kristen! I'm sure she shall loooove them. Calm sounds like a nice word and so does the idea of a cocoa machine. Mmmmmmm. Gotta love the cocoa.

  2. I don't know if I have ever seen a opossum in real life! Amazing to me that it would come up by the cat and eat food like that!
    I love the skirts..I have one like the paisley material one there. Beautiful snow...we still have none1 ;D

  3. Thanks for commenting Shelby. Love your updates and you are right----it has been a very different and somewhat crazy winter season. Sipping cocoa right now. It is a must have in our household--ha!


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