Monday, April 11, 2011


How was the weekend? Ours started out like this...or with this, I should say! Pineapple Upside Down Cake. That brown sugar, buttery, pineapple goodness with a homemade layer of cake....I would give this little delight an A plus. And, I love the cake layer. Not only does it taste very, very good, but, the name of this cake...... "Dinette Cake"----(sigh), just makes me smile. It is such a throw-back from days gone by. Reminds me of the great baking my mom did when I was growing-up.

And, hello to baby Clara. Here she is on her "Blessing Day", wearing the same dress her mama wore when she was blessed. A small group of family and friends celebrated Clara's special occasion. I was so surprised to see how tall my own son is getting...that or my husband and I are shrinking--ha! Maybe the shrinking has begun and we are not noticing it, yet....until now! Love this family. Will really miss them when they move to Georgia in a few months.
HA! Hard to tell in this picture, but, this little guy loves hanging around with my son. They are actually sitting in the same chair...yes, they are both skinny.
And, on a different note, has anyone started planting seeds? We decided to start with some seeds indoors, in that we really don't have the "go-ahead" to plant outside until around Memorial Day weekend. I have high hopes that what we have planted will actually grow. We are hopefully growing Mexican "ponytail" Grass, Moon Flowers, 4"o'clocks, squash, cucumbers, cantaloupe, etc. A little jump start until we can til our big garden spot and plant directly into the soil.
I guess I forgot to mention that we went from the low 50's on Saturday to 83 degree's on Sunday. Windows and doors were wide open in the house. I loved it so much. Had to take a spring walk around our property and discovered my little, tiny blue bulb flowers in full bloom, and a very large dead coyote...yes, a coyote...out close to our barn. I can often hear the yelps of little coyote pups in the night. Not sure what happened, but, spring brings surprises and odd things to the yard....I guess.
We all were hanging out on our back porch, at first...fascinated by the surprise and wonder of spring time extreme heat. My son was loving the warm weather...t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. As he basked in the sun he said, "If you close your eyes and feel the warm breeze, it is just like being at the beach." Amen!

Wish you could have heard all the birds singing and singing. Hubby and I enjoyed sitting on our front porch and reading and reading and reading, until......
...... the birds sang their evening serenade, and the sunset!
Dreamy day!


  1. Your cake looks like yummy goodness! Baby Clara is so beautiful. We welcome their family here and hope they feel comfortable counting on our friendship as they settle in.

    I planted my herbs a few weeks ago, the dogwoods & azalea's are in full bloom, and our peach tree has already dropped its petals. I had to turn our air-conditioning on yesterday! Spring feels half-way over here. :)

  2. A dreamy day for sure! The warmth of the day and family, I love days like this. Pretty flowers and a dead coyote..a bit too close. The cake looks yummy too :D

  3. What a fun weekend. Did you get any rest? ;)


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