Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'ts your.....BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Well, well, well! Somebody is having a birthday today!


I think we should take a little walk down memory lane, don't you? It was a lovely spring morning. It was 9 am to be exact, and a Sunday. My husband had just left to go to an early meeting. I heard the door close and within seconds, and I do mean seconds, I jumped up out of bed because my water broke. I remember the shock and surprise--ha! It was April due date was May 5th. So, a bit early. I of course, fetched my husband home.

Off to the hospital we went. I remember the happy and stunned feeling, that half smile on my was really happening. I waddled into the hospital and was very surprised at how rapid and "true to life" my contractions were. Maybe this baby will arrive fast as lightening?

Silly me.

I remember labor. I will always remember labor. There is no cushioning of the contractions when your water breaks. And why is it that back labor is so out of this world? I vividly remember a fleeting thought---maybe, just maybe if I get up and out of this hospital bed and RUN...RUN like crazy, I can leave these crazy contractions behind. Of course, it was about this time (4pm) that I received an epidural. Relief. And, it is worth noting that this would be the first, but not last time when I was having a baby, that I saw my hubby have to breath into a brown paper bag to regain himself...poor fellow, the epidural was all a bit much for him-ha!

More of the story...

Around 7pm, I remember chuckling to myself and wondering if anyone was aware I was having a baby. This thought came to me from my view from the bed. In front of me, my husband and Doctor were kicking back, drinking juice, having a snack and watching a basketball game on tv...ha! Hello? Remember me? Having a baby over here. Ha!

And, soon enough, at 9:38pm, on April 20th, our little baby girl arrived....all 6 pounds 7 ounces of her 18 1/2 inch long, self. Lots of dark hair and sweet as pie. Whew!

Our lives would never, ever be the same. We were definitely ok with that little fact, and so happy because we were now a family of three.

So, here's to you, Jenna! Oh, I mean here's a picture of Jenna's favorite lemon sour cream pound cake I sent to her. I sent it in cupcake form last year. Hmmm...I think I need to post this recipe, but later, cuz we are having a celebration right now.
So, thank-you, Jenna, for being such a wonderful daughter and forever friend. Through the years, you have made such a significant difference in our family. Being the oldest child, and first born grandchild on both sides of the family, comes with such HUGE responsibility. You have been so successful in this role. You are loved deeply, respected, and admired by all of us, because of how you have lived your life.

And, have a wee babe of your own. She is such a treasure and so blessed to have you, as her mama.

April 2oth, will always be your day (well, and Jared Nelson's--happy b-day, Jared) and the day that your dad and I will always remember...our hearts grew a little bit larger and a little bit softer, and our lives were changed...all because a little bit of heaven joined our family and made all the difference in the world.

Love you bigger than the sky................................


  1. Happy Birthday Jenna! You are a beautiful wife and mother and a very talented lady! We hope you have a wonderful celebration today!

    And, Sydney, my doctors all talked sports while I was delivering too...I found it very annoying! :)

  2. Glad to know it, Genevieve. Maybe it is a stress relief for the doctor's---ha!

  3. Awwww :D what a lovely post! Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY to jenna, I hope you've had a fantastic day

  4. Happy Birthday to her! I miss my mom...because every birthday she would call me and tell me of the story of how I was almost born in the car. This is sweet..and so is that cake! YUM ;D

  5. I love this post. Jenna is an amazing example and inspiration to our family as well.

    I chuckled because I wish my doctors and husband would have been talking sports during labor; it would have soothed me. ha


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