Monday, April 18, 2011

Classic Films for Springtime

I wish I was in Paris.
Those days seem so long ago..

Seeing as I'm in dry, dusty Vegas instead, it has befallen upon me to create a Parisian spring time in our little apartment. May I suggest one of these movies? (Feel free to substitute Sabrina with the later version with Harrison Ford. So good!)

Of course you must make crepes if you watch these in the morning. If you have time to yourself in the afternoon, be sure to have some eclairs or fruit tarts nearby.

Who says you have to go to Paris to have a Paris springtime!?

What other Paris/springtime films do you recommend?

1 comment:

  1. I do love that Audrey Hepburn and Sabrina is one of my all time favorite movies...especially the Harrison Ford newer edition. Hmmm...I really like The Hunchback of Notre Dame...and the Disney version---for many reasons; we watched it for the first time while we were living in France. The music is divine. Your brother was 4 years old and use to dress like Phoebus. When we went to Paris for a visit, he wanted us to take a picture of him holding his Phoebus doll with Notre Dame in the background--- right behind him. Yes, crepes, tarts, baguet and cheese.


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