Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our young women camp fundraiser

Yours truly is the Camp Director for 25 girls in our ward. I volunteered for the job thinking all I had to do was help the girls get ready for camp, then enjoy a week out in the woods shepherding them from activity to activity. Little did I know, that I would be the one planning those activities...buying food for our ward to eat...figuring out how to construct a full working kitchen for us to eat from...buy and make 44x36 bandannas for each girl...buy and construct our flag..attend at least 2-3 meetings per week starting in February....find SUVs we can take the girls to our canoing and repelling activites...find priesthood..plan and execute a camp fundraiser. And many more things. This stake is serious about camp.

It's a big job but I'm actually really enjoying it. Most of the time. Our camp fundraiser was Friday night and it was a RESOUNDING success!!

A chili cookoff-live auction complete with a dessert bar and picture taking area:

Some of the auction items

This cake went for $70!

My little contribution quote tile

There was a group of little girls who herded and played with Madelyn. She was in HEAVEN!

Empty chili cookers!

At the beginning of the night, every family was given a "tab" sheet and paddle. When they were ready to leave Aaron "tabulated" their family donation, any money spent on cookies or special drinks and any acquired auction items. A quick and easy method for keeping track of money.

Eh this one's blurry but Madelyn learning to become an accountant. Yikes!


We only had about half our girls show up which is about right. These girls are so awesome and such strong individuals. We raised enough money for all 25 girls to go to camp. Pheew! What a night!

I'm taking a few days off...gotta catch up on all the house cleaning!


  1. It looks like you off to a great start, all of this looks fun! I have done this calling a few times, once I had an ice cream truck come up to camp, the girls loved it! Have fun, it's an honor to be with these young women! ;D

  2. J--this was such a huge and successful event for the YW. Wow! Your pictures tell a very good story. Loved it all. Such hard work that really paid off. Love the saddle with M and the big cowboy hat. Just darling. xoxo

  3. Wow! Looks like you've done an incredible job and now deserve a nice rest. :) I'm glad it's been so successful!


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