Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Dress the Working Man..

I'm hoping you can tell me.

Aaron is moving up the ranks at work this summer which means we can finally buy that boat we've wanted and a second house on the California coast. Just kidding. What is really means is the meager increase he'll get is going to go towards his new "important work man" wardrobe.

He is not the best dresser. And I'm ashamed to admit that I've let it go on too long. From baggy jeans (he's SKINNY) to socks with sporty loafers I've committed major fashion homicide and it's time for justice!

So what should every man have in their wardrobe?

He wears a suit to work everyday with colored shirts (no one wears white). Throw in a few business dinners or weekend events and our weekend dinners at Joe's Crab Shack or Chili's (I know, high class) and the casual day wear of course and that's everything I'm looking for.

French cuffs? Khakis, what do they pair well with? What pieces do you invest money in and which ones can you cheat with? What does your boyfriend, husband, father, secret lover from afar wear that you admire? What are must haves?


  1. I've always appreciated a nice thin striped, button-up shirt, especially because it can be worn casually on its own, or with a suit jacket and tie. Some (generally boot cut, or similar style) dark jeans are also important, for the same reason that they can be dressed up or down. Also, skinny ties are back in style, but i'm not sure if they're really Aaron's style...maybe have him try a few medium-skinny ones on and see how he likes them. also, hahahahahahahah "which means we can finally buy that boat we've been wanting and that second house on the coast of California"

  2. 2nd house on the California coast? You mean Northern CA right? :) Hahahaha...
    I had no idea what to get Nate for work clothes. Luckily for me his dad helped him a lot. I'll tell you about the best thing (in my opinion) we bought for Nate are dress shirts from Jos. A. Banks - in the travelers style, which are the wrinkle-free ones. I HATE ironing! Its nice to be able to wash these and not have to worry about Nate walking into work with an extremely wrinkled shirt because he just doesn't care if the shirt is wrinkled or not. ugh, men! Also, they come in the tailored(slim) fit, which Nate definitely needs cause he's so darn skinny. Not sure that Aaron would need the slim fit, but I still love these shirts for the wrinkle-freeness. They're a bit pricey, but they do have really good sales every once in a while(50% off right now), and I'm willing to pay a little extra for a few nice shirts and to save myself the headache of ironing ;)
    I'm still working on Nate's outside-the-office wardrobe... He's finally letting me throw some things out that he's had since high school!

  3. Oh boy! Love that Aaron of yours, but, I am extrememly fashion challenged. I guess I would start by going to the library and checking out all the latest fashion magazines, hit the mall and window shop, and then finally have Aaron go and try on some new things. I guess what is important is that he feels good in what he is wearing...

  4. amen to that last comment, mom! most important is thatt he feels good in what he is wearing

  5. Elisabeth-Aaron STILL wears things from high school too! haha.

    Thanks for all the fashionable i\nput everyone!


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