Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buckets and a Birthday!

This has been so fun. For the past 2 summers, Cleanbeats has played for our Town's ''Sounds and Sights". Every Thursday night, throughout the summer, their are around 6-8 different musical groups that play all over town. Our town is a farming town, so, it is quaint, tidy and somewhere near magical, for me.

So, our son and his friends play on recycling buckets and boy can they play! You can find a Cleanbeats video from a few years ago on Youtube. Just search Chelsea Bucketline or click on the above photograph. Look it up and enjoy. They really have a fun and nice sound. And, this has allowed these boys to earn a little extra $, as well.

And, someone just had a birthday. I have to confess...first time my husband has had a pretty store bought cake for his birthday. It was one of those days, where we were being pulled in many different directions, and time was short, for everyone. So, I bought a snicker's bar cake at our local country-market.

And, picked a central place for all of us to stop, drop and eat (our church building just happened to be open that night). I also did not make a nice home cooked birthday dinner....another first. I bought chinese food. It was delicious and we all had a very happy and fun time together.

Funny...I thought I would feel massively guilty about not cooking and baking for my husbands special day....and didn't. guilt. There is a lesson in all of this----ha!


  1. We absolutely LOVE Cleanbeats. Keep it going! Happy Birthday, Sam!! Still have to work on calling you by your first name. :) Sydney, I'm glad you didn't feel guilt for the birthday bash. This year was my first not giving Jared a homemade cake or meal as well. I came home from the hospital on his birthday. I did feel hugely guilty, but that was only because I was full of post-pregnancy mania hormones! Now that I can think sanely, I wonder how in the world I ever felt guilty! :)

  2. Thanks, Genevieve! Sure miss you.


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