Friday, August 6, 2010


Not really sure where the tiny and cute little shot glasses came from in our household, since we do not drink. But, look what we can do with the glasses that is oh, so fun! I saw dessert shot glasses on a restaurant menu while visiting in Nevada last month. What a great idea for just a little bit of dessert. You know how you eat a very nice meal and most of the time, you are toooo full to have a dessert? Or, you know you really should not have a dessert and add to the ole waistline, but you want one anyway? Well, here you go! Think of all the yummy delights you can fit into a little shot glass---and not over do! Love it.

So, I brought out my 26 year old Betty Crocker Cookbook (a wedding gift from days gone by) and found my favorite vanilla pudding recipe and presto! And, as luck would have it, my daughter brought back FUDGE from a trip up north. Easy to shred onto the top of the pudding.
I already had dinner cooking in the crockpot, corn from our neighbors field, and rolls I made earlier in the day. So, we ended up having a very fun and yummy Friday night dinner at our house. And, dessert was "just right" for any appetite!

P.S. A little more insight about the shot glasses. My kids use shot glasses for their Listerine mouthwash. Works great!


  1. Thanks for posting this Mom! It's soo true. After a big meal you just want that little smakeral to finish it off. This is perfect! Can't wait to try it! xo

  2. These look like the desserts we had from Olive Garden!So clever, Mom. And haha, I loved the title, "hit me with your best shot!"


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