Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been spending a little time getting to know my new washing machine this morning...sitting in the laundry room , book in hand, clothes quietly being washed. I am amazed!!!! You may be asking, why?
I have only owned one washer in 26 years. The spin cycle quit! Not good. Replacement parts alone were going to cost $250.00-$300. Pass! What's a girl to do? Kenmore.... got it! Craigslist again...$50.00, another it. Hubby swapped out parts into the newer nicer machine and "voila". Momma has a new washer. It purrrrrrrr's like a kitten. I may just spend the rest of the day in the laundry room reading and watching 2 weeks worth of laundry take a spin in the new washer. Such is my life! I am a lucky girl!

p.s. I even have a ECO Friendly cycle. Do you all have that on your wash machines?


  1. wow! the new washer looks so good :) and so handy how dad fixed that up for you! did you end up spending the rest of the day sitting in the laundry room? xoxo A

  2. Oh, that I could have stayed all day in the laundry room. You know how I love to do laundry. I really do! But, other duties and responsibilities called. Plus, do remind me to tell you about the snake that was enjoying the sprinkler water in the front yard. So cool and crazy.


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