Sunday, August 1, 2010

A chance to think

Last night Madelyn did exactly what I had hoped she would do..she was in bed and SLEEPING by 10:00! I could actually go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and wash my face according to my leisure instead of stumbling to bed all hygiene forgone at 3am which has latley been our norm.
TWO HOURS LATER I'm still lying there trying to go to sleep! Why?! Why!? Why!? It was the chance I've been dreaming of to get more than 2 hours sleep at a time and my body wasn't responding! Check..check...1..2..3..body is non responsive..check check...
I admit my brain was still chugging along full speed ahead which could have been the problem. But it gave me a good time to think about things and I've come to 1 conclusion I'll expound on here..

I love to write. I love to read even more. For a long time now I've dreamed of writing a novel and have been activley pursuing the endeavor. I even have a writing group blog I'm part of where friends and I post advice, inspiration and snippets of our writing to be critiqued. It's frustrating and somewhat rewarding although it's impaired me a little bit socially since more times than not as I'm walking with friends I interpret the things around me as though they could be in a book. Hmm that's a nice black car there..probably belongs to a Doctor that works here..wouldn't it be tragic for someone whose whole career is saving lives, to be a serial killer..hmmm. Not exactly fodder for normal conversation.

Anywho, I've been struggling with my novel plotline and find myself back to square one. Why can't I just get it right? Why doesn't inspiration come to me in a dream or on the train somewhere? Answer: read more and write more. And this forum is perfect. So I've decided (after this long hiatus of recovery) to re-pledge myself to this blog and write as close to every day that I can. Interesting, uplifting things. Articles I find on the internet. The triumphs and discouragements of parenthood. I've been really inspired by other blogs I follow and hope that I can fine tune my own voice.

With that in mind I'd like to say thank you for reading. Thanks for sticking with us on this blog and for checking our site to see what Mom and I are up to. I promise it will be worth your while. Thanks for being awesome! (As Aaron and I like to say to each other).

Of course I eventually fell asleep and didn't have to wake up until 3:30 to feed M and then again at 7. Sleep tends to need arithmatic to figure out how much I'm logging per day but I woke up feeling great this morning so I made breakfast. Blueberry muffins, bacon, eggs and hot cocoa (yes I know it's hot in Nevada but do you know how much I love hot chocolate?!)

As always, let us know what you're up to and keep me updated with books you've read/are reading this summer..

It's starting out to be a great sabbath day! I hope yours is too!



  1. all of your thoughts, and that you drank cocoa on a NV day that was most likely 104 or 105. I actually drank cocoa yesterday...every last drop-ha! It soothes the soul! Looking forward to your writings and points of interest. Keep up the good work. xoxox Mom

  2. hey there, this is alyson! j, i LOVE reading your blog, it's a great insight into your creative mind. i always laugh, and find something cute that i want to remember to tell others about. congratulations on being a new momma, and taking sleep when you can get it! hehe. and that breakfast sounds delicious, i was shocked when i read that you had prepared that after being so sleep deprived and run off your feet. love, alyson

  3. So, a long time ago, well the beginning of the summer, you posted about summer reading and put up a book list or two. You inspired me to read a lot this summer. So far, I have read 16 books, and hope to make it to 20 before the end of the summer! Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

    One book to read if you haven't already: Goose Girl. It was really good, but an easy read.

    Love, Corinne

  4. 16 books!?!? YOU'RE the inspiration to ME! What are they? Send me a list and what you thought of them and I'll post it up (if you have time of course!) I'm ALWAYS looking for recommended books. Love ya


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