Monday, August 9, 2010

...a little bit corny!

Our family is into corn right now. We are very fortunate to live in farm country, where the corn is "high in the fields" right now. We have a farm neighbor who picks corn from her field each day and stashes it in an outdoor fridge by her barn. We can go and get corn out of her fridge and drop a few $coins into a little coin box attached to the fridge. I just love it. This corn is sooooo good. It is not uncommon for our family to have "just" corn on the cob for dinner. I just had to make cream of corn soup the other day. Does anyone else make corn soup? It is easy and fast and divine!I use one regular can of chicken stock, and 4-5 pre-steamed cobs of corn (cut corn off of the cobs). I take the corn from one of the cobs, a cup of milk, and puree it in my blender. This is the creamed corn portion that adds to the flavor and texture of this soup. I add this mix back into my soup pot. Next, I dice
up 3-4 potatoes (do not skin potatoes), a little salt and pepper, 1 tablespoon of butter, and a green onion or two. Add enough milk to cover all of your ingredients in your pot, and simmer until potatoes are done. I then take a nice full cup of the soup and puree it, once again...adding it back into the pot. Final touches, I stir in some crumbled cooked bacon and about 1/4 cup of grated Colby cheese into the pot of soup. I also put a little more grated cheese and bacon on the table so my family can add more of these two items, if they so desire. To make a richer and creamier soup....use cream of chicken soup in place of the chicken stock, use a combo of whole milk and cream for "milk".

And more with corn from this recipe blog....

Just use corn (Amanda has used frozen corn here), chopped red pepper, red onion and zuchinni.
Add in a little salt, ground pepper and a little garlic powder or fresh garlic chopped.

Mix altogether with a tablespoon or so of olive oil.

Bake at 400 degree's for 15-20 minutes.

Great side dish! Would be wonderful paired with salmon or bbq shrimp.
What are your favorite corn recipes? Let us know. xo

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  1. S, you have such an eye for color and flair in food design! I love to see all the bright colors in the meals you're making, the photos are so fun to see. Keep up the fabulous blog, ladies!


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